Call of Duty Online Zombies China

Call of Duty Online Zombies China

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In China I don’t know if there’s any late-night grinders on Chinese called dirty, but it’s pretty hard to find a game I would like to play this at some point. I just don’t know if it’s possible right now recently I have been wanting to attempts the PvE mode where you can fight like this dragon zombie boss. It looks crazy I want to try to play it where we got a match time for some zombie havoc. Alright, here we are He how much oh here.

He comes big white dick Wow I’m pretty sure they’re in here Oh, this is terrifying, I don’t think I experienced that last time that’s just awful I’m dead. I would like to get to the boss, but it takes so much time to get there I’ve just got to get carried. I’m so bad at this. We have six people now, that’s pretty cool I’m bachelor, but I have this LMG every time I’ve tried to play this I’m on the wrong character This is the furthest I’ve gotten without crashing Hopefully I can actually like it to the boss get further in this and I can’t quite get to level 3 yet but I want to oh It’s an ammo refill. I thought this is double time Okay, I don’t know what we’re actually supposed to do beyond. Just shooting at this wall of zombies I don’t think it ever stops, but do notice that there’s a timer at the top left So they’d like to try to beat this map within a certain amount of time zongman.

Okay There’s I think they’re actually starting to spawn last thing. That’s why we’re trying to push in here now Yeah, I think yep. They’re starting stop spawning. Okay with you all these little bomb things. Okay, okay I think I’m starting to understand this now.

Real money here it is online games right I did it. Let’s go now one. This is the furthest I’ve gotten now.

Oh my god, okay We’ve got a bunch of zombies just spawning what huh? What? Oh, okay. So this thing it’s at 13% I don’t know what we’re supposed to do here. Oh My god, what was that zombie? Get them off or you have anyone else try to sir?

Oh my god, there it is again what Good Someone else guys, they’re trying to eat this machine. We got to stop we already lost one person I’m about to die next I need your die. I don’t want to die That’s right. Keep attacking the wall you idiots. I don’t think that can hit me from here. This is kind of a cheese spawn It’s pretty great.

Unless they’re just attacking the machine. I don’t know what’s going on here Huh it brought me back in Oh everyone’s running out. I don’t know what we’re trying to do right now to be honest This is very intense though.

Oh, there we go. I got my health back Good big boy They’re all spawning here. I don’t know why they’re just spawning here. This is so bad windows We have to get that thing to a hundred percent. It’s so interesting playing these zombies because there’s no YouTube tutorials for this I don’t speak Chinese. So there’s no way I’m gonna be able to learn about this I just have to figure out as I go.

I hope we can get this. I really wanna be able to beat this 82 It’s looking good. We can do this guy’s I believe in us.

This is a good team 90 to 97. Keep going We did it. That’s you though a lot doing intense.

Now. This is the new level of chapter well, Baba Oh, wait. What am I doing? Why not?

Kick in the door? Okay. Oh, okay. Here we go It’s a good thing These zombies maps don’t have like these crazy Easter eggs or anything just like super involved cuz I would be screwed I basically just have to try to Zombies did not die in the process which I am perfectly okay with only have about 14 minutes left to complete this map Hopefully we can do it.

What? Oh my god, there’s so many then we have like a c4 working for over there and I’m level 7. Oh My god, what was that?

It’s got a meteor falling out of the sky. I’m missing it. I worked so hard to get here I’m not missing this Cross over this bridge. Okay, we’re looking good. Isn’t this a map from on work for three? I think they repurpose the map from one work for three or at least it like there’s part of the campaign just oh my god There comes another meteor.

Oh, we’re in the water right now. What this is crazy I think we might be getting close to the end here. It’s looking good. Oh, okay more. We got more balls falling on this guy What is that?

He’s actually doing anything. We’re just supposed to not get hit by them. Oh my god.

Wait This dude is gonna die. I don’t know what he’s thinking. Oh God it’s those gross puking zombies. We gotta go. Come on guys.

Go go go go I don’t look they’re waiting for we just got to go for it. There we go. We made it. Oh my goodness Oh my god, we have to blow up like the alien hive what is that thing? Oh my god, what is happening?

What what is that? What is that thing? Can we kill it? Look at giant rocks. Aw B This is insane, it’s charging us.

Oh my god. Oh my god, we have to kill this thing Let’s shoot the green rocks on its back. Oh my goodness. Nothing’s gonna take forever to kill I got a flat lid open do that. And I think it’s it’s time though It dead we have these little spider ones on the ground.

We’re just gonna stir all these things. I’m pretty sure They’ll dead I think I got the last one Is about the charge it’s going get him. Oh My god, oh Right the next little station over here. Oh, we’ve got a helicopter We have a helicopter helping really if eight minutes left to beat this. I hope we could beat this man This is just crazy. It was actual a little power-ups.

What up? What is this? I Want it?

Oh I don’t know I go back we can do this. We just not keep pushing off Welcome okay, Oh a bit soon. Oh, we did it.

We did it. Now. What where we going next?

I have to go through here 30 seconds. Oh my god 30 seconds. I think we’re gonna fight the boss. No way I can’t believe we actually got this far. This is awesome well tell Me how mom does this one his back?

He’s gonna like a little dude clapping on his back. That’s crazy I don’t know if we’re loading into another part of the map were that. Oh isn’t the boss fight what?

Oh my god here We go. Look at that health bar. Oh goodness. I think it’s disgusting. What is it?

It’s like for an end game when he got really obese sores really let himself go Look at that if you thought he was better than in game. He’s gotten a lot worse. Does he I Think he just straight up killed someone with one hits.

All right. Um, I’ll keep that in mind Don’t get too close to this guy. Don’t you dare come for me?

I am the worst out of everyone I could be okay though. He’s coming for it. I’m not getting sacrificed Oh god, we got a bunch of other zombies now.

I Think his first liver of health is gone. Oh where to go? What happens he just rolled I want to know how our teammate just oh my god. He’s rolling into us. Hey what hugs on?

My yellow walls Oh someone died in these man. He’s killed two of us so far. He told her best player. Worst player Oh, Dad just charged me like that just gone I don’t know if I should use to like one of my respawn tokens left because I think these guys might be able to clutch It up. Oh I’m back.

Okay, I don’t know how I came back in. I guess I came back in immediately I think I came back in automatically. You usually have to use like a respawn token or something for that though. Everyone’s back though That’s pretty good. We’ve almost got his next a little like sliver of help down When do we get to play the dragon unless oh, is he gonna turn into a dragon? I swear I got some resulted again.

Hopefully I come back after a certain month. Maybe it’s 18 seconds. Okay? I’m just watching this do this. There’s unloading on him. Oh, he’s I think he’s that his last little helper Okay, what can roll around dude that is crazy?

What what is this this is so ridiculously awesome Don’t you dare? I’m not getting Sommerfeld again there goes, oh, he’s going he’s going he’s going He was like right there this is so horrifying it’s so goofy, but it also just scared the studyin. Oh my goodness Oh you that half of his health? We’re doing pretty good. Oh There he goes again Hi Didn’t he just killed two people right here. He got out.

There’s girls before I’m next off No Just stay alive. Just a lion. I don’t know if that zombie got taught gymnastics or something But he is something else just right.

All you do is run. All you can do is try to run and dodge it It’s so sporadic like Lucy cooing. You just gotta hang it long enough to bring these guys back Okay, you got some people coming back. That’s good. That’s good boy Yeah, we got the whole team Let’s finish this dude.

Okay reinforcements Go go go go all night all night my goodness We can do this he’s barely got any help longer come on There we go. Tubby Thor he’s gone. Oh, I want the hammer what the Hemmer give me give me give me I Have it now once we get to fight the dragon now. Oh My good okay. Um Not what that was ridiculous I it’s over what I Thought were supposed to fight a dragon. Did I just give like super jebaited or what?

Oh, wait, wait wait Oh, I think it’s loading us. I think I might a cold – too soon alpha squad asteroid. This is an English Why is this in English right now? Okay, I’m not sure if we’re going to fight the dragon if we’re gonna be fighting a different boss. This this is just madness though Here we go.

Oh, okay. It’s another of like modern warfare 3 kind of style man what is going on? This zombies experience is huge. I think I should be able to like rank up it. Yeah, let’s keep leveling up Oh, my god is another 30 minutes.

Oh I’m liking super don’t like me out don’t like me out Nope Where am I going? What is happening? I’m disconnecting are mine I’m not touching anything Don’t do this to me man. Come on I know I’ve got like the worst ping here, but I want to play who’s like a crazy robot over there Let me play the rest of this don’t do this to me.