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Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy

Good evening this is video 2 of the Wynn roulette almost every time, video series, if you haven’t yet I highly recommend watching video number one first, as it will explain the fundamentals, the basics behind behind it. Now I did mention that, there’s a few modifications to the strategy in which I recommend having…
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A Long Way in Winning

Now, as they all know, there’s times when they do not win at all. However, there are lots of times they gain a little over the amount they initially took to the casino. Here is where they must use common sense in order to take home some of these “winnings”. There’s lots of systems that…
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Basic Slot Strategy

1. Seek out the highest payout possible. This may seem obvious, but many slot players disregard this dictum. There can be a difference of 10% or more in the payback percentage offered by the same slot machine located in a casino in Detroit versus a casino in North Las Vegas. The player has a far…
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