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Great Western Trail | Game the Game

(upbeat music) Hello and welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host Becca Scott and I wanna show you a really cool game today, but first let me show you how to play it. Yee-haw! (whip) We’re herding cattle and loading them trains. That’s right, it’s Great Western Trail from Plan B Games. My nose made a weird sound in that one (nasal). By the way, did you know that this game was used to make an online slot machine Western Frontier by Microgaming (here’s a link to reviews).

(upbeat music) GWT pits two to four players in a cattle count and competition to be the most profitable rustler around these here parts. Set up for GWT is a bit complicated, but a detailed guide can be found in the intricate rule book. If you follow the steps it’s super easy people. I’m gonna summarize the game components and the sections of the board before we jump into gameplay.

Players are taking on the role of cattle women or cattle dudes if you have men playing as they journey to Kansas City to profit from their herd made up of various cattle cards. The players decks begin with starting cattle cards worth no victory points and during the game they take from the market cattle cards which have higher breeding values here and victory point values are here. Like many deck builder games, players draw a hand from their private deck and they use those cards on their turn, and if they run out of cards to draw, their private discard is shuffled and creates a new draw deck.

You know, a deck builder. The game board features a winding series of paths leading from the Texan plains to Kansas City. Along their journey, players will interact with location tiles and gain various rewards or pay fees in the form of dollars. Some actions require players to discard cards from their hands which always go into their personal discard pile. As players gain other cards, these also go in their discard to be added into the mix once a player’s draw deck is depleted.

See what I did with the pronoun? The game board starts with seven neutral buildings in the first game organized by letter. Afterwards, it can be random. These are also the potential starting spaces for players in their first turn. There are three hazard sections and one Indian trade section, creating tolls for the players, but also victory points or dollars when they’re removed from the board. The job market on the left side of the board features the worker tiles of the game available for hire to the players.

As players gain workers they will add them to their player board, providing more options for victory. Cowboys increase your buying power at the cattle market. Craftsmen allow you to build more powerful buildings and engineers provide bonus train movement. (train horn) Bitches; Kansas City, the constant destination for cattlemen in the game, is in the top left and has special spaces for players to cash in their herd and to ship them out on the rails. Starting tiles for workers, hazards, and teepees are sorted into piles based on their backside numbers and randomly distributed to the board and job market depending on the number of players.

Along the top and right edges of the board lies the railroad track, station master spaces, and cities. As players ship their cattle they can send them to various cities for victory points in the end game. Players will also move their engines and can pay to upgrade the stations along the way, providing even more bonuses. Let’s see what the players get.

Each of them ranchers are gonna pick a color and take a player board, 14 player discs, one certificate marker, and a cattleman figure. The discs cover various actions on the left side and bonuses on the top and right to be revealed as the game progresses. If a player removes the disc, they gain the benefit underneath.

After taking the 14 starting cattle cards of their color, the player shuffles and creates a personal draw deck to the left of their board from which they will draw four cards. There’s also one train engine per player on the starting space of the train track. The train’s progression provides discount cost to transport cattle to various American cities. Players also each have a set of 10 private buildings, double-sided of their own color. During setup, the particular side for each building is determined once, randomly, by flipping a tile in the air and then all players must set their private buildings to that side.

And this way, everybody has access to the same buildings, but those options vary game to game. Each player also receives a randomly dealt starting objective card to be placed below their board. Determine the starting player.

They get six dollars from the bank and each subsequent player gets seven, eight, or nine dollars depending on how many players. Players select a starting neutral building to place their cattlemen and can now start this game (blows breath). Gameplay occurs in turns, each divided into three phases after which it’s the next player’s turn.

The phases are Move, Use, draw; pretty simple, right? During the move phase, players can move their cattleman figure along the path in the direction of the arrows. If they reach a fork in the road, they can take whichever path they wish.

Movement, determined by the player board, and augmented by removing discs, only counts on location tiles. Empty spaces are not counted as locations and are thus skipped on over. A player can move up to their move value and then stop at a location.

If a cattleman passes or moves to a tile with a black or green hand, they must also pay a fee to the bank if it’s neutral or to another player if it belongs to them. How much depends on the number of players in the game. Once stopped, they are there for the turn. During the use phase, players can take actions depending on the location where they stopped.

If on either the neutral or private building of their color, they can activate that location. If they land on someone else’s private building or a hazard or a teepee tile, they may activate their auxiliary actions located on the left of their player board. More options for auxiliary actions can be revealed throughout the game. Possible actions include gaining money, placing private buildings, discarding cards for rewards, removing hazards from the board, moving their train engine, trading with Indians, and so much more. If a player reaches Kansas City, they immediately proceed through the five subphases to complete their run before returning to the start of the trail.

The subphases include the four side spaces, which add workers to the job market and hazards and teepee tiles to the board. In the four space is where the players reveal all the cards in their hand and sum up the breeding value of each different type of cattle card. They can optionally augment their breeding total by adding certificates earned along the trail. Then they gain that total in dollars from the bank, set it aside, and discard their hand. In subphase five, the money they earn this round represents the city a player may transport their cattle to by placing one of the discs from their board on to a city space. Finally, in the draw phase, players draw back up from their deck to their hand limit, which starts at four, but players can increase to six during the game by removing a disc from the hand section of their board.

As turns progress, the players accumulate victory points for the end game, which is triggered when the job market token has no more rows to slide down. The player who triggered that move keeps that token for two victory points and can finish their Kansas City turn, after which each other player gets one final turn to gain some points before they’re counted. For the final scoring, use the handy dandy scoring notepad to determine a victor. Players get points for a ton of assets including Every five dollars, the sum of Private Buildings on the board, City Crests from delivering to various places, Station Master tiles, Hazard Tiles they removed from the board, Cattle Cards with Victory Points, Workers on the far columns of the Player Board, any revealed disc spaces, the Job Market Token, and Objectives. If any player has any uncompleted objectives they’ve played in front of them, they lose any points in the negative section of the card. Objectives still in a player’s deck can be completed at this time as well.

Add up them points and the highest score wins. And that’s most of Great Western Trail. There’s plenty of details to each individual section of the game, but the rulebook contains handy guides to each, so keep it nearby. I’m Becca Scott, and I could really go for some steak right now, I don’t know about you.

Also, watch me and my friends play this game and other awesome games on Game the Game right here on Geek and Sundry. I’ll see you there. (upbeat music) Guys, I’m so excited to introduce my friends. On my right, we got Jason Charles Miller. Hello. You know him, you love him, he’s a dark urban cowboy, voiceover artist, musician, Geek and Sundry host.

And today I’m going to win this game and be the King of the Great Western Trail. I don’t know if they had kings. No, I’m gonna add it. I’m adding it to the.

To the lore. Yeah, yeah. (Jason and Becca laugh) And on my left, we got Mr. Ross Thompson of IDW, and all kinds of games. He knows all the things about games. I like games, games are good.

Games are good. Games are good. Yeah. And Medieval Warfare. Oh, yeah, I do evil stuff with the SCA, Society of Creative Anachronism, and then I also work at IDW Games, too, the focus stuff. What up SCA, shout out.

Guys, as you know there is a lot going on in this game as based on the video, when we just gave basically an overview of a lot of stuff, so we’re gonna jump right in because today we will finish this game. We’re doing it. Just telling you right now. We’re gonna try.

I took the first player amount of money, so you guys could have more money. We okay with that? Very generous of you, thank you, thank you.

I don’t know if it’s generous. Maybe I just wanted to go first, let’s be honest. All right. And, I also, Ross and I are both starting on this Tile B, here, and you’re over here on Tile A, ’cause we can start on any old neutral tile that we so desire, and this card says, first of all, it’s got a little flavor art of the black pawns. Seems like a watering hole to me. Of my hand of four cards, if I have a green card, I can discard it for two money.

Hell yeah, I’m doing that ’cause I’m poor compared to you guys. And then the second action it says I can do here is I can play one of my tiles for a cost of two coins per carpenter symbol on the tile that I play. So, I’m gonna do my number two A, and I’m gonna put it right, right near this dot because I want to get some cattle next time, which is gonna cost me at least six coins, so I don’t wanna lose any more money, there.

And that’s my turn. Didn’t move on the first turn. I do the actions and then I draw up to a hand of four; Ross. Cool, I’m up now.

I think I’m gonna do a very similar thing ’cause I’m on the same spot, so I can discard a card, right? Discard a green two card. I have a green two card. That’s a Dutch Belt cow!

Boom, this Belt. What? I’m gonna move it on over here to my discard. Did you hear about his Dutch Belts he’s earning? If you would, please. Discard there?

Just ’cause, just ’cause the book says. Yeah, yeah, yeah it makes sense, we’re cool. Careful, I hear that cow’s got mad cow disease. It is a little Dutchy. (Becca, Jason, Scott laugh) I get two copper or whatever?

Oh, my gosh. Whatever money is for this, right? They’re all dollars.

Dollars. They look like coins, but they’re called dollars. And then I’m gonna pop down, I think, a very similar one that you just did. You copycat. Yeah, totally. Okay.

Yeah. Taking notes; sorry, yeah. Putting the gold village down. Beautiful. Now with that I can, there’s the other one for two, right; is that one?

This second part, so you laid down your tile, Four two. It cost you two to do it. Cool, then four two; boom; two dollars. And that’s your turn. Boom, done, check.

Draw back up to four. Got it. Jason. All right, I’m starting on this tile, here, separate from you guys, and what it does is if I spend two dollars, I can hire a cowboy.

Yes, but let’s go from left to right. First, you have to discard a gray two, which is believe is a Guernsey cow. Guernsey. Do I have to do that?

You don’t have to. You like your cows, you keeping your cows? Well, when you get two for it, but then, how much, I can actually hire a cowboy for free, then, right? You’ll hire an employee for the cost in our job market over here, so it’s gonna be six. Six. This first round.

Okay, okay. You might need the two coins. Yeah, you know what? I’m going to discard, yeah, then I will. He’s doing it. (cow moos) Yeah.

Right here is two points for you. That and then I’ll hire a cowboy. Hiring a cowboy. And you got it; cool, great. Six coins, please. Now, does that restock?

It will not restock, no. We’ll continue to go down and fill up our job market. Just put it back here? Yeah; and each time someone goes to Kansas City, they will take from this four site board and they will put one from each of the one, two, and three columns down into this job market. Okay. Actually, the ones column is gonna end up on the hazards.

Right. Areas and then that’ll push this marker down and when the marker gets all the way to the bottom, that triggers our end game. Got it, okay. More workers will arrive, but we won’t refill that specific spot. That one’s gone. Yes.

Cool. Now. Now you’ll actually have an optional third action, here if you wanted to buy another employee at an additional minus two dollars to do it.

Don’t have it. Guess you’re doing that today. It would cost me eight, right? It would cost you eight. Yeah, don’t have it, do not have it. That’s an expensive employee.

But he, he can come back there eventually once. Yeah, you’re gonna go to Kansas City, you’re gonna earn some money. I’m gonna come back. You’re gonna come back around. It’s gonna be great. All in my quest to become the King.

Wow. The cattle King. The cattle King. The cattle King. I’m gonna be a cattle Baroness.

Okay, all right. Technically, starting here, I can’t move again, right? No. I would do that my next turn. The first turn’s a little special.

You start anywhere and you don’t move. You just got to choose where you started. But now on each turn we will move, we will do the actions, there, and then we will draw back up to four, so, now, draw back up to four, Sir. All right. It is my turn, again.

Okay, move, I’m gonna follow the arrows on the board. This way to the left is hazards, don’t wanna do it. I’m gonna go to my own tile. I’m not yellow; oh, I didn’t draw well. This card says that if I discard a, a cow with a two, then I could get four coins, but I just don’t have it. But what I can do is I can buy cattle, so, I’m definitely doing that.

The way this works: if I only have one cowboy that works for me, which we all start with one, then I look to the bottom of the board here and it says to buy a cattle with the breeding value of three; either three, four, or five, then it’s gonna cost me six coins until I get another cowboy to make it cheaper to buy cattle. I want this Ayrshire. That’s how you say that, right?

Ayrshire. Ayrshire cow; it’s gonna be three victory points at the end of the game, it goes into my discard, and I pay six to get it. That’s all I can do.

I brought my cow. If I had chosen to do neither of those two actions or I couldn’t, I coulda done one of these auxiliary actions on my player board just so you always get something to do. Right.

And then I don’t draw back up ’cause then I didn’t spend any from my hand; that’s it. Now, it’s my go. Yes.

I could stay there, couldn’t I? No, you always have to move at least one. Okay, cool.

Except for the first turn. Got it, so then I’ll move to where I just did it up. Good call. I’ve got the two for four. Get out of town. I did.

Two for four. Get out of cow town. And, so, I’ve gotten this one, the Guernsey. Yeah.

Right, and that can be discarded for four. One, two, three, four monies. Got four monies.

Making it rain. I’ve got that, which is awesome. Awesome. And then I can buy a cow now. You could.

And that could buy a brown cow, couldn’t I? How now? The brown cow’s how now is gonna cost 12 coins. Okay. Unless you get another cowboy, like Jason has, and it would be less expensive if you have three cowboys to buy the.

Right. West highland. That’s two, that’s out of the range then, right? I guess I, no. No. Not enough.

You can buy one of these breeding level three cows. That seems. And you probably want the one for the most victory points. Like a pretty good call. Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s do that.

Yeah. All right. That’s, how much is there? It’s gonna cost you six. Cool, let’s do that and boom.

Bingo bango, thank you, Sir. And this goes right into my discard. Into the discard and hope you draw it up, next time.

Sounds good. Now do we ever draw up the cow? I’m so glad you asked. As the job market progresses and we get towards this end game, there’s also two points at which we fill the cattle market back up to the starting value of 10 in a three-player game.

That was Ross’ turn. Yep. You drew back up, beautiful. All right, now, now you’re saying we skip any block that doesn’t have a card in it, correct?

Correct, yeah, so this would be one, is over here, two, three. Great, I’m gonna, actually, go to where you guys started. Awesome. Yeah, I guess we shoulda done what you did. You got your cowboy and now you’re putting down a tile. I’m; we’ll see what happens, we’ll see what happens.

Do you have a green two to discard? Actually, I do have a green two to discard. Go fish. I will do that and. Stupid. (Jason laughs) You get two coins.

I get two coins for that. Well done, Sir. Two, two dollars, two dollars. Good drawing. Yeah, two bits. If you can afford it, you can lay down one of your own personal tiles onto one of these tile squares on the trail and since you only have your original starting carpenter, you can only do one of these first three tiles.

All right. It’s all you can afford. It will cost you two coins to lay it down. I think I will do that and. All right, cowboy, so, this one, there’s a picture of a tile of your color.

You’ve got one of these, too. Yeah. And that means, any time it’s touching forest, you get two coins for each tile that’s touching forest.

Oh, that’s, that’s cool. Yeah. If I land on it. You’ll put it someplace where you’ll come to it eventually. Sure.

And then you’ll get two coins if that tile, itself, is placed next to trees, and you’ll get two coins if other tiles that belong to you, that are on the board, are also touching trees. I’m gonna try it, I’m gonna go for it. All right. Put it right. In the trees, Sir.

Oh, cool. There. A beautiful. Deep on the trail. Why not?

Deep in that trail. Planning ahead. Yeah. You been building way over by Kansas City. And then I pull up another cow, right, since I.

You did your action? I did. Did you pay your two points to build it? I did. Yeah? Yes.

Okay, okay, I believe you. I think I did. I paid two coins to do something.

Yeah. You earned two coins and then you paid two coins. And then I put ’em back. Yeah, totally, nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You worked it out.

Okay. My turn. We had to call the Sheriff. Oh, no. Don’t make me call the Sheriff on you, boy.

I could stop on yours. Good morning. But I can’t do any of your cool actions. I have to just do my boring auxiliary actions and I don’t want it. Which, which are boring.

So boring. We can uncover more cool things as we go along. Right. And sometimes it’d be better than nothing or you’ll really need two coins or whatever. And that’s in place of.

In place. Okay, got it. Yep. I didn’t skip something.

Nope, you good. Okay, great. I started on mine; one, two, okay. This means I can go up one in my Certificate Meter when I land on Tile number C, letter C? ‘Cause that’s an and or. I could’ve either taken the certificate or I can get a new Objective Card.

We’ve got these laid down on the side of the board. Right. For everybody; if you don’t like any of the ones showing, you can just grab one from the pile. You know what, but I like, undo, I’m gonna take this. It says I need three, three value cattle in my hands, and, so, this just goes straight into my discard. At some point, I’ll draw back up.

Then I get to move my train ahead one; motherfucker. I mean, cowboy (laughs) and that’s it. Boom, I’m up; I’m gonna go there as well.

You just wanna do what I’m doing, Ross. I do, I do. Go to your cowboy camp. I’m going to space camp. Fine, I’m gonna go to cowboy camp and get a purple certificate ribbon. Oh, shit.

Yeah, I got that, which is pretty sweet. It doesn’t cost anything, right? I just go there and I do it.

You just do it, yeah. And, then, also, it seems like I should probably wanna move my train. Uh-oh. Right; that seems like a good move. Yeah, but the thing is only one of us can be in train slot one. Right.

So I helped you out. Also, if I move to the next train, I’ll be on train slot two. It doesn’t cost anything, right?

It doesn’t; well, it costs you the action of the turn. I could discard a card and get money, though, too, right or is that not a thing I can do or? Not a thing you could do. Okay, cool. If you had chosen to not do anything on that tile. Then I could just do a generic one.

You could have just taken a straight up point. Got it, then I’ll totally move my train. My little (mumbles) train.

Brilliant. Great, so now I get to watch what you guys did and do the same. Right, I mean it’s a good first move.

Yeah, I’m sure things will change as we all get different luck later on. True. But, right now. He could go to stop there and do a generic one if he wanted. He could have stopped on either of our tiles we’d laid down, but the generic actions, your auxiliary actions are not as cool as the stuff on the tiles.

Right, so I will move my ribbon counter down one? So I’m always gonna have purple ribbon? Not always; you spend it as if it were currency. Right. When you get to Kansas City. There’s always a chance of one and then I’m gonna move my train.

The old slot number three. God, we really. We leapfrogged.

Yep, boom, boom. I’m regretting this. Look at that. You know, it’s.

Although, I get to skip over two ahead. That’s right. Right. As long as you guys don’t move. You can just leapfrog all day long.

Okay, what’s the next situation? I’m just gonna follow the one spot on the trail and this is another buying cow time, but I have no money. No money.

I would only get; I could stop there and get two coins, which isn’t useless so I think I’m just gonna do that. I go here; I’m gonna discard a Black Angus beef and get two coins. Another reason why I think it’s always pretty valuable to discard when you can, is ’cause you’ll cycle through your hand faster.

Right. Right. And get to draw up that cool stuff you put in. I wish I could buy cattle, but I can’t. I’ll just, I’ll just chill and draw a new card. Cool, well now it’s my go and, also on the range, I’m going to move down the trail and shuffle along.

Could you help out, please, thank you so much. I think you get a point every time you use a westerny, frontiersy phrase. Is that true; well, yee-haw. (Becca laughs) On my Black Angus discard, right there.

There you go, two coins. I get two bits, which is super good and a discount coupon at Black Angus. (Becca laughs) Then I think I could buy a cow, right, so I’ve got three, You’re showing off your fat. Four, five, six. Stacks of cash.

Seven; the fattest stacks. How’d you get so rich? Didn’t you buy a cool cow before? I wanted to buy it in the ones for six.

You must’ve. Yeah, I think. Oh, it’s because you landed on your own tile and discarded and got. And I did the four.

And got four coins. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That really helped you out, okay. So how many coins you got there? I got seven, so what can we do here? You can only buy something worth three until you get a cowboy to help you out.

Are the, is that red one good? The red one is worth two victory points. It’s better than yellow. You’re all out of blue, though. And how much is that?

It’s gonna cost you six. Let’s do that. Which is my little cheat sheet right here in the bottom of the board. Boom. Tells me. Cool, purchased; I got a Brown Swiss.

Oh, you got that Brown Swiss? Brown Swiss. Yeah, Brown Swiss. It’s not Pepper Jack, but it’s still pretty good. He looks gray to me.

I’ll take it, I’ll take it. Hey, you can name a cow whatever you wanna name that cow. No one’s gonna stop you in the middle of Texas; all right.

No, they won’t stop me, it’s true. So, we’re good, I think I’m good. You discarded, so you’ve drawn back up? Back at the four, boom, (mumbles) up. I suppose it would behoove me to do the same thing.

(Becca chuckles) Point. Trying to shoehorn it in there. (Becca laughs) Point. I’m gonna move here. Okay, so, I do have a black cow that I can discard for two more. Two coins for you.

So, you’re gonna hoof it over there. Yep, I’m hoofing it over there. Okay, now you guys are trying too hard. (Ross chuckles) And now what’s interesting is even though I’ve got two cowboys, as far as I can tell, I can’t. Now, if you had 12 coins, with two cowboys, you can buy a Texas Longhorn.

I could buy. But you’re not that rich yet. That would be amazing; I’m not. You can buy a three-value cow for three coins, since you have two cowboys.

There’s no benefit buying a four breeding value cow with two cowboys. You need a third cowboy to make it less expensive. I know, yeah, so, I guess one for two points better than none, so. One’s better than none. I’ve got, I’ve got the opportunity, I’m gonna go for it. I’m just gonna buy those.

Plus, it’s better to have more cows in your discard that are gonna help you get to a further city. Right. Beautiful.

Okay. Maybe I don’t like going first ’cause then you guys just see my moves. You are the cow baroness, right? Thank you; that’s how they call me.

I’m landing on a neutral tile that says I discard two of the same card. Of course I’m gonna do that, I have two Jerseys, only worth one, and I get four coins for that badassery. Now, the other action on that card is to take a hazard off the board, but I have to pay seven coins to do that. That’s a lot.

Yeah; it can help with victory points if you have objective cards that say you need; like the ones that are these little sign posts with the hand on them. We can pull ’em off; okay. And.

Because you keep that hazard. You do, you keep it in your play area. Also, the hazard, itself, on the tile has victory points.

This one’s worth four and you get to choose which one you pull off, but. You’re paying, essentially, you’re paying seven to then get this victory and, because I have that on mine, and then you’d also get that off the points, there. Correct. That’s cool, okay. Yeah, it’s a lot of VP going on with the hazard situation. Right.

But I’m not gonna do it because I only have six coins, so I couldn’t. Six bits. But, also, I’m saving up my money to buy more cows later.

Got it. And that’s it for me. This cowgirl’s got nowhere to go. Okay, I’m up then.

I’ve got my cards, I need to rustle on down the trail. You gonna rustle on down this trail? Now do you wanna go the dangerous way? I’m gonna take. That’ll just cost you money?

The road traveled easy. So that is a, I can exchange two of the same kind of cow for four? Correct.

So if I had two Jerseys. That’s what; dang it, dang it, I was hoping you wouldn’t have it and that would be how I’d get an edge. And there we go, right? Boom; one, two, three, four.

And now along with that, seven, which I do not have. All right, then. So, I’m not going to do that, so I’ll just draw up two. Jason? And be done. Okay, I’m gonna go to you guys.

Going to where you guys are. Come to the party. Do you have two of the same cow that you don’t really want?

I do have two of the same cow that I don’t really want. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God. Two Jerseys, two kind of. Wow, that’s.

Generic Jerseys. That’s just Jersey Shore from here. Jersey Shores, Jersey shore cows. The Situation and Snookie, that’s what I named them. We drowned those cows in the Jersey Shore. They’re gone now and let’s see.

You gotta put ’em out of their misery. You can take a hand right to them. True enough, and then what was my other option? (Ross laughs) Oh, I could remove, I could remove a hazard for seven. I know country for old men, right. Yo, how?

Yikes. Did you have fun there? Did you see; I had so much fun and now I’m going to.

It’s my turn again! Relinquish my turn. Guys, I am so close to Kansas City, I could make it there this turn. But let’s see if there’s anything on the way. Oh shoot, okay, so Jason you put your tile. Yeah, he did.

That I would have to stop on, pay you two, if I went there, but I have another option. I’m gonna go the other way, passing you by. You know what I wanna do is skip my train ahead when I got the chance, so red’s going here.

The, I get to move my train and I get to leapfrog over you fools, and I could take this station master tile. Right. But, in order to do that, I would have to be able to trade one of my employees with that station master tile.

Which you don’t have. I don’t have any employees. Right.

So I gotta pass it up. Okay, the other action I can do there is one auxiliary action, or two auxiliary actions if they’re uncovered. So either I can trade out one of the cards. Oh, that’s my discard pile.

I could trade out one of the cards in my hand, but my hand is dope, so no way. I’m just gonna take a single coin. And you got it, cool. All right.

That’s it. So am I going now, so for Jason’s tile, he’s got there, there’s that green hand, so what does that mean? It means you have to stop, but you also can just go the other way.

Right. Which I bet you’re gonna wanna do and you could go straight to Kansas City, if you wanna get there before me or you can do the same thing I just did. Well.

For each engineer you have, which you start out with one, automatically. You get to move your train up. It’s the engineer guy, got it, got it.

But because there’s other trains in front of you, you can leapfrog over us. If I go do that, do I still have to do a generic action or no? Yeah. Okay, cool, so yeah, let’s do that, then. I’m move my; you got it, you’re on it.

I got ya. Ba-boom. This chewed up little train.

This one, my dog might’ve chewed on; it’s fine. It is a travel train. Yeah. It’s a very travel train, lots of cows.

Well traveled. Then I’ll do the one, here, right? Well, yeah; strategy tip? Do you have any ones in your hand?

I might. Nevermind, I don’t know. Do what you want, but your other auxiliary action might be more helpful. (mumbles) I could trade out; oh, look at that. I hate that I’m helping you.

What a cool, no, it’s okay. Because you got luckier than me on the other stuff. Yo, we’re all friends here.

Thank you so much. I’ll remember that where, in the future, when we’re moving around. I don’t know if you can even help me. Thank you so much; we’ll see.

This is a game where you’re kinda on your own, doing your own cattle-y thing. Yeah. Cool, I’m, check.

Beautiful. Till barb wire fences go up and then it’s all bets are off. All right, I’m moving to my. Barb wire. Blue. Cool.

Square. Good call. And I get two coins and. Because of the forests.

Anything else I can do? That’s all you can do, there. Just collect that money. It’s just money.

But if I had put my tile in the other space, then Ross would have to choose which of us he’s want to pay. You could still do that next round. Yeah. Oh, Yeah. I guess that’s a way you can influence other player’s. One a game would do it.

Games more; is choosing not to give them money. Okay, back to me and I’m the first one to KC. KC. What; my hometown, I don’t know if you knew. Maybe it affected my wanting to play this game.

Oh. So, they have cleverly set it up that you can move your meatball, your cow person meatball to each of the five steps, so you don’t forget any. The first one is I’d choose, I either put another tepee down or I can add one of these falling rock obstacles over there. Wow. I don’t know, it’s less exciting.

I want a teepee. Okay. And then we’ll replenish this after I go through, so now I’m gonna add more workers. I have to slide down the job market token to make room and want more cowboys in my life. Awesome making more jobs. And then let’s drop an engineer in there.

Oh, sorry, not an engineer, he’s a carpenter. A Carpenter builder. So, I’ve done one from one, two, and three. Ross, if you would be so kind, would replenish one from each of those? Yeah, totally; here’s a one, we’ve got a cool green hut.

Teepee. Two, we’ve got a engineer, tycoon guy, and then we’ve got a builder carpenter. I am an idiot, and I should’ve taken the advice that I gave you, which was to. Change my card. Cycle out a card because I was thinking, oh, man, I got a great hand worth eight points, but it’s only unique cattle that scores, so I only scored four this round.

They don’t take doubles. And I don’t have any certificates to up that as you guys both do. So even though I’m that one that’s played before, you guys, both, had much better first trail runs.

You can give us just the handicap; it’s cool. I am, I am, yeah, ’cause I’m gonna crush it next round. That’s gonna happen.

Okay, so now I’ve counted up how much I earned. I’m gonna take four coins because my Guernsey gets me two, my Dutch Belt gets me two, and when you’re showing cattle, they already saw your two types. They don’t need to see ’em again.

That’s why it’s most exciting that they all go in your discard, you get the money, you could spend certificates now to get additional monies, and then I get to travel on this train track and uncover one of my cool auxiliary actions. I think I’m gonna do my discard and redraw action. Now when I get to do an auxiliary action, I can do it twice. Oh, cool, okay. Yeah, and I take this disc and I put it on, I can only afford to go to Wichita, so that’s where I’m going.

I would have to pay transit fees if my train car wasn’t up at Wichita, but because it is, I don’t have to pay any transit fees. And I get to keep the four coins, so I’m kind of rolling in it ready to buy some employees and cows next go round. Give me a larger enterprise. Yes, and, so, I’ve got my money, I laid down my tile, I go back to start, and I draw up a new hand, and that’s it for me. Cool. Are you going to Kansas City?

That seems like the best choice to do, so I’m right here, I’m at one, so now I get to. Choose. You may as well do the teepee.

Teepee. Which we’ll do that. And then we’ll bring him down, right? Anywhere you’d like, yep. Yeah.

And then you could choose a cowboy or a carpenter. Cowboy seems to be the way to go. We’ll put him here. Cool.

Boom. Now everybody in our job market is available for purchase because you can’t buy somebody in the same row as this little token. Got it.

But once a token’s moved down, you can buy anything above it. And I need to replenish, right? Can replenish. Boom. Here, I got you and you do your hand. What do you got?

Okay, I’ve got, we’re showing off. I’ve got a Black Angus, for two. Black Angus. I’ve got a Guernsey.

Two. Guernsey. And then I’ve got a Jersey. Hey, what’s up, so.

That’s five. That’s five. Five monies. I have another buck, I guess too, so it’s all good, so that’s discarded.

That’s all discarded. Yep. So, you have earned five. We’ll keep this set aside for just a second because this is what’s gonna get you along the track out of Kansas City.

Right. Not your other money. That, and then where. Here’s the thing, if you wanted to, you can add in your purple ribbon and make it all the way to Colorado Springs.

That seems like I, I should. I would. Yeah, suit up; so I started back down to zero. There you go. So that becomes a six.

You actually get one more dollar for that. Cool, one more bit. One more bit. Let me ask you something since you’ve now gone to Wichita and he’s going to Colorado Springs. Neither of us can, any, none of us can go there again. Wrong; so everybody can go everywhere and you’ll just stack your discs on top of one another.

But each person can only go once. Got it. Except for Kansas City and San Francisco; go as many times as you like. Cool, so Colorado Springs it is, then.

Cool. Let’s go. Which disc will you remove?

I was thinking about that and, so the auxiliary action, when can I do that; that is just. Anytime you’re on a tile and you say, you know what, instead of doing the actions on this tile, I’m gonna do my auxiliary action. You can only do both when you land on a tile that’s action says one times, one times.

Got it. But any time you’re doing it instead of what’s on the tile, you just do one of anything. That makes sense, too. Sounds good, so I’ll do that and then this’ll go on Colorado Springs, could I bug you there? Beautiful. Thank you.

Because you’re only in Wichita, with your train car. Yep. There are two little red Xs in between you.

Ka-boom. Those are transit fees, so two dollars to the transit fee. Paying the train man. Pay the train man. And, now, you fly on back. Sounds good.

And reset. We hustled along, so this goes now to. That’s your money. My money. Yep, and now you draw up a hand of four; there you go.

Sounds good; I’m getting low, here, so one, two, three, four. Would I wait until that’s played or do I shuffle this now? You can shuffle now, doesn’t make a difference, yeah. Cool. Becca, I actually would like to switch out one of my cards and. (gasps) Okay, so do you wanna go to this next, neutral, tile?

Sure, I mean, if that is beneficial to me, sure. And then. ‘Cause you have to move at least one. I gotta move one and then I can just. Yes.

Pull back. You could just ignore what’s on the tile, do an auxiliary action, but the tile you happen to be on allows you to do an auxiliary action and move your train car up. Excellent. Yep. Then I shall do exactly that.

Okay, so your train’s going up one and you actually got to leapfrog a little bit, so now you’re at, yeah, you’re at five and then you can do one for one. Discard one and. Knock this guy out. It stays there.

Oh, it does, okay. I could just do it. You just get to do the thing, which is draw one up and discard whichever you choose. Great, boom.

Oh, discarding a Dutch Belt, huh? That’s a fine cow to be discarding. It is, I know, but.

He must have. Yeah. Some real good cows. Then I think that’s it for me. That is it for you. My turn and I’m gonna hire some employees, so first things first, I can discard a Guernsey for two coins, and now I am so rich (laughs).

Rolling in it. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go all in on cowboys, so, first things first, this says I get to hire a worker with a penalty of zero, so I’m gonna pay six to hire this cowboy. One, two, three, four. Why that one and why not that one? No difference.

Okay. And then I can, for a penalty of two, buy another. Do I have enough, do I have enough (gasps)?

Shit, I’m one short. That’s my turn, I’m gonna draw back up; Black Angus. Okay, so, I’m up; I’m gonna go to.

You wanna come to this party? The employee center, yep. (laughs) Employee center. Job center. Yeah, right? Conduct some interviews.

The Old West job center. I’ve got a Dutch Belt. Actually, the reason I hired this cowboy is he was on time, the other guy was like five minutes late. That’s what I figured.

Made an excuse. I just wanted to gage, make sure what’s going on here. I figured it was a habit, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause I’m gonna hire the lazy guy. You’re gonna hire the lazy one? First I wanna turn in my Dutch Belt for two, right?

It actually has to be a gray two. So I’ve got a Guernsey. That’s one. Bloomsey.

Two coins. Two bits doing that up and then I’ve got a. I’m (mumbles) in five for five for me, by the way. There’s a zero margarita symbol there, right, is that what that is? Yep, zero margaritas.

Okay. So no penalty, but it’ll cost you six. Got it. To hire one.

I’ve got one of those ba-booms. Sweet. Get my cowboy. One cowboy.

And then I’ve got five, here. Can’t afford ’em. Right, well, ’cause there’s a minus two meaning it adds two, so even on one of these guys that’d be, that add two to it, right? These guys are just way too expensive. They’re expensive.

Wow. Cool. Workers cost a lot.

They sure do. Got it, cool, that’s me, I’ll draw back up. That’s money they deserve.

Oh, I agree, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not. Entirely; I don’t wanna touch a cow. That’s LinkedIn of the Old West. Yeah, right, yeah, yeah. (Jason, Ross, Becca laugh) After you, Sir; it’s time! It’s time for Kansas City.

It’s time. Kansas City. They went. We’re so proud of you. They went and built a skyscraper there; seven stories high. Seven stories?

Seven; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven? About as high as a building ought to grow, I’ll tell you that. Oh, dang me.

All right. That’s a phrase now. So. You can either add a teepee to the Native American trading area or you can add a rock slide. I’m gonna go a little dangerous and add a rock slide. You are outta control.

I like it, I like it. All righty, and. Now, does he get to place it anywhere he wants or are you just putting it there, Becca, ’cause you’re, ’cause you’re. It has to go in the rock slide area. Got it, got it, got it.

You kinda do it in order. Honestly asking. Yeah.

Just making sure. Okay, good questions, good questions all. Good idea. And then you could either move down a cowboy, move down a carpenter.

Let’s move down a cowboy. And then a carpenter or an engineer? Oh, it has to go to where the token is, is that the?

Yeah. Is that the rule? That’s where it gets placed in. Yeah, it goes in the next open slot. Let’s put an engineer there. We gotta keep moving downward in the job market.

That’s the end game. Yes. Wow, the game is already, like a third, done. You know, I like it. Now what happens in step four, there? Step four: reveal your hand to us, Sir.

Here, we go, so I’ve got. Don’t be shy, don’t be shy. Guernsey.

Guernsey. Two, four. Dutch Belt, a Black Angus. Six. And another Black Angus. Get that outta here.

Yeah, that would be a coupon. That’s a coupon for later, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, you have. Six.

Your six money; would you like to turn in your ribbon to make it seven, which doesn’t make much sense ’cause. If I don’t need it, I’m not gonna do it. Don’t do it, okay, great.

You earned six and I’m actually keeping it to the side for a reason ’cause now’s the time where you choose which city to go to. You could afford Colorado Springs for six, and you don’t have to pay. Or more. To go there, except for a transit fee of one because of one little red x stop in-between your train car (mumbles).

What if I wanted to go all the way to Santa Fe? You would have had to earn that on the cows this round. That’s why we took the money. Here we go. I get it now. There we go, that clicks.

See, I’m glad I asked that question. Good thing you did. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I shall go to Colorado Springs.

All righty; which of your discs would you like to remove and reveal a new reward? I think I shall remove this one. Cool. And what is that reward? So that was your auxiliary action of drawing up and then discarding.

And replacing, right. And now when you land on this specific tile symbol, you can do that twice. Very nice.

If you do it instead of doing a tile and it’s not written there, you just get to do it once. Okay, there you go, stack him and. Beautiful. Boom.

Now, another. Move the train, correct? Another little thing, your train stays put. You only move it forward when you’re on the tiles that say move your train up based, usually based on how many engineers you have. Okay.

Now, another fun fact about choosing cities to go to. You’ll see in-between the cities there’s green arrows that have a symbol in-between. If you have completed both cities, then you get the benefit or penalty for having both of those cities.

So early on, it’s actually minus victory points for having gone to the cheaper places too often and then further along you get get victory points for say, look in-between San Diego and Sacramento you get four extra victory points for having both of those cities. And, now, you’re gonna come on home. And, then, actually, because you’re in Colorado Springs, and your train car is just a little bit behind, you needed to pay a transit fee of one. Right, boom. Beautiful.

There we go. Ba-boom. I’m gonna draw these up.

Draw up, yeah, you discard everything you had? I did. Draw back up. Now, do I shuffle this deck now that I’m. You do. I’m done.

You do, indeed. I shuffle it now? Now’s a good time, sure. Okay. My turn, I’m red, I’m moving along and I would like to lay down a tile and it’s gonna cost me two, to do it. I like this one.

I’m gonna put it over here; beautiful, okay. That tile, when I get to it, it lets me discard two of the same card for three money and move my player forward one and immediately also do that action. That was a pretty dope tile.

I had to pay two to build it because only one carpenter worked on that. Cool, my go now. I’m gonna come right along here.

You coming to this party, again? Yeah, we’re gonna build central. I feel like you’re following me.

That’s true; so I’ve got a Dutch Belt, so I can get. You always have the better cows. I’m just like moving ’em around. Along with that I wanna build something up and it looks like this is the way to go, so I.

Again, like I wore that outfit yesterday. You did, and it’s such a good one, but I’m gonna pop it right here. Okay, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

That cost; what’s minus two, right? It’s gonna cost you two, yes. So, ba-boom, there we go right into the discard, there and I believe I’m done. Jason, you’re a little behind us, I’m gonna guess you wanna stop here and buy a worker. I do.

The old hiring center. (Becca laughs) Ye old job center. Yeah, I think I shall hire. First thing, you have the option to discard a Guernsey cow.

A Guernsey. And get two coins. What do you know?

Lucky you, lucky day. I’ve got one. Boom. Boom.

A Guernsey. We’re gonna need that ’cause this job market is expensive. Yeah, job market is; let’s see. The next cowboy, he costs seven and then carpenter and engineer each cost six. And if you build the engineer, you get a little bonus action.

If you can discard a Jersey cow, then you get to move your purple ribbon tracker down one. ‘Cause you see on your player board, in the space you’d be covering up, there’s an ability there. If I got an engineer. When you cover up a space with something to do in it, you get to do the thing. Great, then I think I shall hire an engineer.

All righty, that’s six coins, please. For six; boom, boom. Hello, Mr. Evil Looking Engineer and I will. Do you have a Jersey cow? I do, I do, indeed.

Certificate for you. All right. Got that prestige; he’s gonna talk to the judges for ya. Sure is. Give him a little nudge. His brother’s the judge, actually, yeah.

Yow know how that goes. You’re on good terms, I hope. I don’t know, you never know with brothers. Cool, cool, cool, it’s back to me and I, I have a cowboy; this changes everything. If I have a cowboy, cows are cheaper for me, so I’m not, I can do something, still.

Okay, thank God, so I don’t get any cool money, but I do get to buy a cow for three. So, I’m gonna make some change for myself and I’m gonna purchase me one of them Holsteins. Into my discard; that’s all I can do. God, I wanna discard this crap hand; after you, Sir.

I wanna come here. You can’t, it’s mine. I mean, you could go there and do an auxiliary action. Yeah, I want to do that. Planning.

Right? This guy, he’s got something up his sleeve. Always thinking fast.

I wanna discard, I can discard a card, right? You sure can. Cool, we’re gonna do that.

I’m gonna discard a. You don’t wanna get stuck in the situation I was just in. I don’t, I don’t, especially with my thing right there. Well, a curse is upon your next draw (laughs). I’m sorry I cursed you. You didn’t know I was that powerful (laughs).

It worked, it worked. Your face was priceless. So precious. Is that it?

Well, yeah. Cool, that works. That’s it, that’s it.

I gotta burn some of these cards. You gotta burn ’em, burn ’em up. Don’t worry, it’ll be your turn so soon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. ‘Cause we flying.

We flying around this board. Three people we are. We are flying. Doing real good, so this little cow’s going to fly down the trail.

Can you discard a green? Yes, I can. Two coins. Thank you for those coins. Two bits. Two bits.

And would you like to play a tile? It’s gonna cost you two to do it. Oh, absolutely, I’d like to play a tile. All right, you got two more that you can afford.

Actually, explain to me again why I can only afford the one? You’ve only got one carpenter right now and if you look in the upper right hand. Right. Of your tiles, it says one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and, actually, it goes up even higher than you’re able to purchase because if you replace a tile that you already have on the board, you only pay the difference.

That’s good to know, yeah. We’re not rich enough to worry about that yet, though. Not yet. Which is why I didn’t mention it. Then I think I shall play the country store tile. You got a country store there?

I do. A country store. I do, indeed. A country store. Oh, what do you know?

It’s covering the woods, which is beneficial for me, is it not? Sure is. Due to my other tile. I wasn’t gonna say it ’cause. Oh, man.

I gave Ross too much help. You did; it was really helpful, but now look at that. Look at that. There we go. Look at that.

There she blows; all right. It’s back to me and I do not like the cards in my hand. God durn-it, I need to get to my card over here that lets me discard two of the same card or my tile. Right. Rather, so, I guess I’m just gonna go straight there. Sure.

You know what; it makes sense to move my train along and get a purple ribbon, so I am red; I’m gonna go one, two, three. While I’m on Tile number C, I can move my purple certificate ribbon and I can move my train car up one and I get to leapfrog over Jason a little bit. I’m on the six, okay, that’s my turn. Cool, my go; I’m her, but I don’t have a Guernsey. Ouch. So, I do a Jersey, which is not helpful, but I still wanna buy a cow.

I’ve got five plus two cowboys. I don’t think I have a lot of options, do I? You don’t have too many options, so with two cowboys, you could either buy a value of five cow for 12. You don’t have it. Don’t have that.

Or a value of three cow for three, and there’s just this Holstein left. I don’t think that’s the. You want her? Way to go. You want her?

You don’t want her, she’s a good cow. She’s black and white; she’s got hooves and a tail. You have sold me. I don’t want you to buy it, actually, but (laughs). Yeah, yeah, yeah; what is it? It’s gonna cost you three.

That sounds good; boom. Perfect. Now we got a Holstein in the family, it’s great. Go on. Now, with more tiles on the field now, on the field of play, on the board. It changes everything.

I can only move three right now. You could, but you’d, maybe this is an option where going the hazardous route is more beneficial ’cause you could go to the left and you hit a hazard, which is gonna make you pay two to the bank, but you can avoid wasting all this movement ’cause you could only go three and then you’d end up on Ross’ tile and you could only do one auxiliary action there. So it might be worth it for you to pay the two and then just skip that area. Well, it might, but I think that I’m, I’m not happy with the hand in my hand right now, so I think what I will do is I’ll move to Ross’ second yellow tile there.

One, two, three. And discard, I’ve got too many of these Jerseys. Too many Jerseys. Discard one of ’em and. Good move, good move. Pull up; a little bit better.

Okay, my turn. I feel a little bit better about this hand now. At long last, oh, I’m red, okay, I’m gonna discard two Jerseys, yes, take three money for it and I get to move again. What? Yeah, oh, and I guess I don’t draw up till the end of my turn, so this says I could either pay two coins to move my train up two spots or I can just take a teepee, which I will do because this teepee right here, you get to put it in front of me and this says I get four coins from the bank for taking it.

Not too bad. Wow. Yes, and I get to do an auxiliary action, so I could either take one coin from the bank, ’cause I haven’t uncovered my other coin option, or I could cycle through two cards and there’s only one left in my deck. No, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it, okay, I’m shuffling. Everyday.

Everyday I’m shuffling. You’re shuffling. Everyday, you’re shuffling. Ah, you know what? Okay, I’m not gonna draw, I’m just gonna take one coin from the bank.

Here we go. Cool. And now I’ll draw up at the end of my term. Wow. That’s it. That’s an intense turn.

It was, but you’re about to have or Jason’s about to have a similar one. Well, I’m here. You, yep you’re doing it. Boom. Doing the same thing. Oh, I didn’t wanna fall over though, so I’m gonna turn in two Jerseys, right?

Right. For three, so I get three bits and I get to move, which will move right onto the next one. Cool. Then I’ll totally take a purple certificate.

Yep. And then I will move my train one. Aw, man, you got to jump all the way to seven.

Leapfrog. Yeah. And you could slide into this station while you’re there, I, I don’t see why I shouldn’t do that; that sounds. It’s gonna cost you a cowboy to take that station master token, but. What do I have to do? While you’re there you can uncover one of your disc spaces by putting a disc there.

It cost you two coins and you replace that station master tile with one of your employees, and that will give you an infinite one, plus one purple ribbon that you never spend, it’s just always there. Okay. And at the end of the game, for every two hazards you have in your possession, you’re gonna get an extra three victory points. That’s pretty cool; let’s do that. All righty. So, cost two.

Which disc you gonna cover? Could I do this one down here? Sure can. Cool to that.

So that is your permanently scrap a card from your deck. Yeah. For moving your train backwards one. Right. And then, here you go, there’s your purple ribbon forever.

Pretty good card. And I’m gonna take your cowboy. Sounds good; he wasn’t much of a play anyway, so, then I draw two back up. All right. And then I’m good. Can you remind me what that option is there?

You’re gonna discard two of the exact same card for three coins, if you can do it. I can, so that’s. All righty. Where I’m moving, I’m moving here. Dope. I’m gonna give up these two Jersey cows.

All righty. For three coins. Dang, now you get to move for free.

I believe that says I can move again, right? One more movement. One more movement, okay. So you have to discard a Black Angus from what you’ve got in your hand. Don’t have that. Can you buy a cow?

The only one available is a West Highland or a Texas Longhorn. And a West Highland would cost me 12 because I only have two cowboys and I have three. That’s right. And the longhorn would cost me also 12.

Even more (chuckles); so, here’s the thing, if you have more cowboys than you need, which we haven’t yet, you can spend one of your cowboys that’s not working to flip two more cards from the cow pile. That’s cool. Yeah, it hasn’t happened yet. Spending meaning I’m discarding him? No, no, no; so, you’ve got two cowboys.

If you’re paying six coins to take a level three cow, then your other cowboy wasn’t helpful to you, so, instead, he can be put to use drawing two cards from the cow pile, the draw pile. Let’s do it. To flip two new cards. Flip ’em. Cool. We got a Brown Swiss worth two, three points.

Brown Swiss, not a Pepper Jack. Not Pepper Jack, and an Ayrshire. Worth three victory points. Yes, so I believe you still have one cowboy to work with ’cause you coulda done.

I do. ‘Em in any order, so now it’s gonna cost more ’cause you can’t use both cowboys ’cause one already worked. Right.

But you could pay six to get one of those two cows. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna pay six to get the one that’s worth three victory points. Good call. Nice to play, good play. I’m jealous.

That goes in my discard pile? It does. And my bits come to you. Give those bits. Those bits.

And that is my turn. That was a great turn. Now, I’ll draw up. That was an excellent turn.

Now you draw up. You have to do all your actions before you draw. Okay, I’m red, and I’m just gonna copy you so hard.

Something you cannot do in this game that I wish you could is even if you have the resources, you can’t do an action multiple times. Like I wish I could just discard a whole bunch of Black Anguses for money, but I can only do it once, so I’m discarding a Black Angus for two dollars. And now I also get to buy up cattle. The thing is, I got two cowboys and a lotta money.

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, oh, my God. Do I wanna spend all of my money to get that Texas Longhorn? I mean, they are pretty cool. It’s so much money. There is a Brown Swiss there and I did pick up an objective card that says I wanna have three value three in my hand at the end of the game. You did.

Well, you know what, go big or go home. I’m gonna buy that cow. Nice. Seven victory. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12; just double-checking; I got it, I got it. Had exactly enough money.

Boom. Thank God I took that one coin last turn instead of doing the other draw action. Yep. Texas Longhorn, baby, you’re coming to me (kisses card); he’s home. Are there more of those or is that it? There will be more in a couple rounds when we go to Kansas City, again.

We’re gonna get new employees in our job market. Got it, got it. It’s gonna push the ticker down and then we’re gonna draw back up all the way, eventually.

Oh, ticker. When we hit. This little yellow arrow. Got it. Okay, that’s my turn, Ross.

I wanna go, I would love to go to the red one right there. Mine? Yeah. You’re gonna do an auxiliary action? I, you know what? I’m gonna go one more, actually.

(laughs) Okay. There we go, boom, so we’ll do that. Now you can either move your train forward two and pay two monies or you can take a teepee token.

I would like a blue teepee token. A blue teepee; how about this one that gives you money? Sounds good, we’ll do that. Okay, you get two coins. Yep. You also get to do either your auxiliary action and since you have two coins uncovered there, you could do that twice.

Let’s just do that. Good call. Boom. More money. Cool, done.

‘Tis you. Refresh my memory on that little ability right there on the left sorry. That is discard two of the same card, if you’ve got ’em, and get four coins for it.

I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it. Do it. Right here, so everyone can see, Gimme those Guernseys. Nice. Discarding this. Guernsey.

And. That’s a nice cow to get rid of. Getting four.

The other half says you can pay seven coins to take a hazard off the board of your choosing and there’s some out there that are worth, just straight up, four victory points, and it could help you towards your objective, no. No, it can’t, but. If you bought one of these objectives it could.

Right, right, and then I think I’m done for now. Cool. ‘Cause I don’t have seven. Yeah, that’s a lotta money to spend. Yeah. All right, back to me.

I’m gonna follow in your footsteps, Jason, and I’m gonna discard two to take money, because that sounds like fun. Oh, it’s a well-traveled trail. Discarding two Black Anguses and then that’s all I can do. I’m gonna draw back up and come on, baby; okay. No?

What you gonna do, Ross? I’m gonna move on to that next one there. Do you have a Black Angus? Black Angus.

Two coins. Boom, two coins. Aw, man, you’re rolling in it. You can buy a cow right now. Well, I’ve got one less cowboy now.

Uh-oh. So, I think that. You could afford this one for six. For six; I think I’m gonna hold off on that. No Brown Swiss for you.

No Brown Swiss. That poor cowboy’s just living in a train station. I know, well, he’s waiting, he’s waiting. I hope he gets.

It’s a hard life. Finds greener pastures somewhere. I’m gonna draw a card and then I’m done. Jason.

All right, I’m gonna move to my little space there where I get now. Money, money, money. Is this right, do I get four now because?

That is right, Sir. Tell ’em why, tell ’em why. Because I got two blue cards touching forests.

Hell yeah, you do. Thank you. Four coins for you. And I think that’s all I could do.

That’s it, but, you know, but money’s money. I’m red and I don’t wanna go to Jason’s tile, so I’m gonna go the other direction. Why wouldn’t you wanna do that? And.

My tile’s so nice. It’s a nice tile; I am definitely gonna do the auxiliary action and trade out some cards from my hand, but first I’m gonna move my train up one space and because Ross took the side route. I did. I don’t get to leapfrog. I did.

But my auxiliary action says I can draw two and discard two. Of course, more Jersey cows. Okay, that worked out for me; I’m happy, and then I would draw up, but I already got a full hand. You already got full hand? Cool, I’m up now, I’m gonna move to the one there. Thank you, Becca, cool.

So I’ve got two Dutch Belts. I’m gonna take one, give it back. Yeah, yeah, I have two Dutch Belts. Discard.

Discard, so that’s four, so I’m gonna get four monies. I already did it, that’s why I gave you five. You’re the best. Cool, and then I’m gonna spend seven. Oh, my God you’re insane.

And pick off a, a hazard. Hazard. All righty. I’ll just do one of these, that’s fine.

Great. Cool. Do you wanna be killed by a rock landing on your head or die of starvation in the desert?

Although, strategy tip: it makes this way more appealing if Jason was trying to skip over us. Oh, interesting; is that an aggressive suggestion? I guess not if you had played one of your tiles.

Yeah. That had a hand that would have stopped him. The stop one, right. It would make more sense to leave the. That would be a better play, but there weren’t any forests there. So, it don’t matter.

It’s all good, yeah, yeah, yeah, so good. I’m doing a friendly play, then, if people feel like doing that. Yeah, there you go, always helping out. Look at that.

All right, okay, I’m gonna go to the next tile. I’m gonna do my. Move your train? Move my train, yes. You have two engineers, which means you got one and you leapfrog for two.

Yeah, I knew that would come in handy. Nice. Yeah, there you go.

I knew that would come in handy and now I can do an auxiliary action, correct? Hell yeah. So I will trade out. You can actually do it twice because it’s written on the tile that you can. Instead of taking coins, you’re changing out your. Could I do one and the other?

Could I take a coin and then do that? It’s gotta be in the same row, I believe. Gotta be the same one. Yeah, so you draw up first, ’cause then you can, you might wanna discard.

Oh, good idea. Something new. Okay. You could do one more, I believe, right? Okay; all right, so now I will discard one and two.

Perfect. I’m liking my hand now. I am. Ready to go to Kansas City.

Right. Not before me. Outta my way, I’m going to Kansas City right now. Hey. Yeah, yeah, okay, so what color teepees do people need ’cause I’ll place what you don’t want.

All right, whatever. Don’t need any right now. We’ll just pick one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m, I’m already set. And them I’m going to move our job market tracker down.

I’m gonna put another; I wanted to be a carpenter. Nice. And then I will do another carpenter. Nice. All right, now I’m gonna lay down my hand.

You just made it a backbone of America. Okay, I have laid down eight. Better wash your hand afterwards. I got an Ayrshire, that’s worth three. Ayrshire.

I’m gonna add that with my Jersey, together we got four. A Dutch Belt puts us at six and a Guernsey, coming up to eight; what, what? Nice hand. That’s a nice hand. I also have one purple ribbon, but not worth it because it’s not gonna help me get any further along the track.

I’m almost to Albuquerque, but not quite. So, I can only go to Santa Fe, so I could move my train along faster. Yep. That’s exciting and I have an objective that if I get station master tokens, it’s a real good for me. Or I can move my train backwards.

Yeah. And get more purple ribbons. I do like that. Interesting.

I don’t know, I’m gonna try this strategy; why not? We’ll see what happens. I’m going to Santa Fe, baby.

Boom. All right. Okay, I didn’t take my money. That was eight monies. Eight monies.

Eight of the monies. Eight bits. Of the bit monies, gonna take the bit monies and I believe because I’m red, yep, I gotta pay one coin because my train is not quite at Santa Fe, yet, and then we’re just gonna party and come on back, come on back to home base; there we go.

I’m gonna bug you to put my gold guy in, he’s so far away. Is it gold men? Boom, right there, sweet. So we’re gonna move the train one, right?

Yes. Thank you for that. You get to leapfrog, well done.

Then I can do an ability. I think I’m just gonna discard a card and draw. Yes.

We’re gonna discard a. You can actually look first. I can; oh, cool, that’s good. Given the way that the symbol is written, it says the green arrow’s on the left and the red arrow’s on the right, so I say, you pick it up, you look at ’em all and you discard, ’cause. But it, got it, I’ll just do that anyway. Yeah.

Cool, all good, so discard on the Guernsey. All right, so that was your turn. Yep.

All right, I’m going to Kansas City. Oh, man, it’s all happening. Boom.

Okay, what do you wanna move from section two? We’ve got a hazard and a green teepee. Let’s hazard it up. Cool. Cool hazard.

That’s where you want, right? Does it go where the two is? Yes. Or does it.

It goes where the one is. Oh, it goes with the one, okay. And you’ve got two cowboys and. All right, well, I guess we.

Which one? All cowboys, does it matter? Does it matter to you? Not to me; grab one or the other. Yeah, put a cowboy down. And then we’ve got a cowboy or a teepee.

If you do the teepee, then it goes along there and it won’t move the tracker down, but if you do the cowboy then it will bring the tracker down, right? Right. Let’s go for the cowboy.

Cool. Let’s do it. And we go.

All right, so now. Four points for your site. Brilliant, so now show us your hand, Sir. Here is my hand.

I got me a Holstein, a Jersey, a Black Angus, and a Dutch Belt. That’s some powerful steeds. Nice. That’s eight points right there. It is, but let me ask you this. What if I spent my two.

I’m jealous. Purple ribbons, so I could go all the way to Albuquerque? All the way to Albuquerque. Nice.

Now, fun fact, you’ll notice around Albuquerque that the background is a dotted blackout line. Right. You have to, but it’s better for you; take one of your discs with the black outline around it, which is either you could move further in a turn, you can increase your hand limit, but you have to pay money when you do that. Or you can increase the purple ribbon situation. Oh, down here at the bottom. I’ll go for the freedom of movement.

Nice, now when you uncover that, you get three coins. Wow, no, I just got two. Get three or two? Oh, no, I get three; you’re right, you’re right. You get two more movements, so now you can move up to five. I just gave it to you.

And what about the coins from. Oh, yep, yep, yep. Here and that, right? Yep, yep, yep. Does that mean I get 10.

You get 10. Or do I get eight? I get 10. You get 10, Sir. Wow, nice. You get 10.

Am I placing this guy on Albuquerque; okay great. Okay, and now you gotta pay just one coin ’cause your train’s a little behind. Okay.

Not running on time. And then, that’s it. You’re going back to start. All right, I’m reshuffling my deck because I only had one left.

As they say. And then drawing four, as well? Draw four. All right. All right.

Oh, it’s my turn. It is. Yep, it’s your go. Cool, okay, so I’m here at the beginning, so it behooves me to buy some employees, I got a Guernsey to discard for two coins.

That was a good moo sound. That was a good moo. Thank you. And then I don’t wanna buy an engineer, specifically because I don’t have a Jersey in my hand right now and I could benefit by discarding a Jersey, at this time, but if I buy a carpenter, I can build something extra cool next round, so I think I’m gonna do that.

Let’s see, there’s a cheap carpenter for only five. One, two, three, four, five. Paying it; you’re coming to work for me, Mr. Now, I can build better houses next turn when I get to that tile.

I could buy one more employee, but it would take all my money and then I couldn’t build next turn, so I’m not gonna do that; that’s my turn. Cool; my go, it is time for some Kansas City. Kansas City. Boom; gonna throw a hazard down. Oh, shoot.

A hazard is the way to go. Bring a cowboy down. FYI, if we get to a point where we’re trying to add a hazard or a teepee, but there’s no more spaces on the board to do that, that tile just goes back in the box. Okay. I’m gonna bring a teepee down.

Teepee, right here. And replenish these; boom. Do the four site. Boom. Bank.

Bank, yes. Four site (mumbles). Four site bank manager.

All right, what’s in your hand? We’ve got an Ayrshire. Ayrshire. A Black Angus, a Jersey, a Guernsey, and then a Jersey. Eight. All right.

Man, we all had baller turns. Yeah, and then I’ve got. Yeah, we did. One of these infinite.

(Becca gasps) And then one of those. I forgot about your infinite so that’s $10 dollars right there. Yeah. Incredible. Okay, and with your $10 dollars, I have a feeling you wanna go to Albuquerque. That sounds like a plan, let’s do it.

Do you wanna up your hand limit, up your movements? I was thinking about that. I think I want to.

Becca, I have a quick question while he’s deciding. Ask it slow. If you have, if you have a bad hand and you haven’t been to Wichita before, say you have some bad luck, can you go to Wichita? Yeah, you can always go. Okay. To some place cheaper.

Okay, that you haven’t been, but if you’ve already been there. You could only go to Kansas City. Okay, got it. ‘Cause Kansas City you can go to infinite times, as I know I have.

Wow. Kansas City, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas? Missouri. One of the only cities in the world in two states.

St. Louis, and then there’s the Twin Cities, but they’re different cities. Two cities. You’re going to Albuquerque? Yeah, and then I get three monies, right?

You get three monies for what, what? Oh, ’cause you uncovered your moving faster. Yeah. Gotcha, and then you pay one because your train’s not quite there. There’s a bit for you.

One bit. Yeah. You do move your certificate down one. Right, cause that went.

You spent it. I spent it. Blue ribbons were for last year, you gotta earn it. Back to zero. You guys ever been to a state fair? Oh, yeah.

I’ve played state fairs. Oh, I believe it. Really, that’s awesome. Which ones?

Some nice, some ones in Illinois and Virginia. Cool. Nice; Jason, what would you like to do on this turn of yours? I’m gonna go to the old hiring market. Do you have a Guernsey to discard? I do.

Two bits to do it. Do that for that, wait. New pile. Oh, yeah, like what’s going on here, okay. Did you shuffle those?

I did, yeah, because, started there. All right, so, I’m gonna buy a craftsman for; let’s see, can I buy that one up top, there, for six? You sure can; perfect. Thank; buy my craftsman and.

Are you gonna buy somebody else? It’s a plus two or minus two penalty. So I could buy. And there’s a cowboy and an engineer that only cost five, so it’d be seven. Yep.

Because it’s your second purchase. I’m gonna buy a cowboy for seven. Oh, my God, he’s out of control.

Out of control. Well done, well done, Sir. That those three cowboys are gonna do, do me some good. Yeah, yeah, my turn. I’m red, moving along this path, it’s looking real nice. Oh, my goodness, I have a Dutch Belt to discard for two and I’m gonna build me a new tile.

And because I have two carpenters, I get to, well, I’ve only got one tile that is a two carpenter situation. Craftsman. Craftsman.

Oh, my, there’s some tiles in the world, where they’ve got this little auxiliary bonus ability on the bottom. Yeah. If you build a tile there and you go there to do your action, you get to also do the other action. Now, this one in order to get to it you have to pass four rock slides, which is very expensive, so not worth it. If I put it over here by this desert-y hazard, I can move again, that turn.

You know what, this has a stop symbol on it, for you guys, and, so I’m gonna put it someplace where I know you guys are gonna choose to go. Nice. So you’ll pay me money. Good spot for that. Excellent play. It’s also touching trees, so when I finally play my.

Tree thing. Tree touching time. Your tree toucher. I’m a tree toucher, you guys will, well, I’ll get more money for that. Okay, so, I discarded, I built a tile, I didn’t pay for that tile.

It’s gonna cost me four. And that’s my turn. I’m gonna draw up. There we go.

All right, Ross, what are you gonna do? Well, I’m off to the employee center. It sounds good; we need to hire some dudes. Do you have a Guernsey in your hand?

I don’t have a Jersey, but I’m looking at these guys for employee type things. Yeah, it looks like you’re in heed. So for these, these are just Jerseys, right? Your engineers, yeah, if you discard a Jersey card you can do a cool thing if you buy an engineer.

We’re gonna do that. Cool. I’m gonna pick up the five one. Good call. Right and that’ll be cool. Now, if I had another one, can the same card be used for both actions or is it one card per?

One card per. Cool. But do you have a Jersey to spend?

Right now; totally do. Discard it. Boom, and then move that. And get yourself, there you go, certificate. Down one, cool; now I can buy another guy for two more, correct?

You can. Or to save it; I’m good. You saving your money? Yeah. All right.

Okay, I would like to put another card down, so I’m gonna move to the, putting the card down space and now that I’ve got two craftsmen, I can; this looks like a pretty nasty card, I think. Yeah, if we stop there, we have to pay you one coin. That’s if you wanna use that tile to take a hazard off the board and get the victory points, you pay five coins.

Which the only other way to do that cost seven coins, so. Wow, okay, so if I put this here. Oh, don’t do that.

Not only is it covering forest, again, it also, you would have to go through all these hazards to avoid it, so I think I’m gonna put it here. Well, maybe you should leave that for me, though ’cause that’s a good spot for me to build on later. It might be, but I am trying, remember, I’m trying to be King of the Old West.

Oh, you wanna win. Right. ‘Cause, yeah, okay. Trying to bring back the monarchy to the Old West. All the old, the old tribes are back at it, again, right? The Baroness vs. the King.

Yeah, right, I know. So true. The clans. All right, so it costs you four to build that because this tile that you’re standing on right now, it says pay two coins for each one craftsman that had to work on that. All right, well, that’s fine, I’ve got the money; boom. You’re taking it, no, not going in your.

In my bank; don’t know why. You’re not the bank, now. I knew that. And, I, is that it, then?

I think that’s it. You could discard a green Dutch Belt cow for two coins. Which I don’t have.

All right, then, that’s it. All right. Draw back up if you spent anything. I did not.

And now me (gasps), finally. I’m gonna go here, discard a Guernsey cow for four coins. Hell yeah and, while I’m here, might as well buy me a cow and, let’s see, I’ve got two cowboys, so if I wanted to buy this cow worth, it’s a Brown Swiss, lovely cow, and it’s gonna cost me just three. And I’ve completed my objective and it says when I complete this objective in the upper left hand, I automatically get two coins. Nice.

I’ll just take ’em now. That was my turn. I’m gonna draw up; if you would. Yeah, I’ll go; my golden guy. Sorry, I just can’t reach.

Yeah, sure, there he is. Pop right there. I bet you wanna build a tile, don’t you? Yeah, so discarded Dutch Belt. Two coins. Two coins and along with.

You’re swimming in it. That, I’d also, I gonna build a, a guy, I’m gonna build this one here, that’s it. Minus two, so it’s how much then? It’s just gonna cost you two.

Two sounds good; we’re gonna put it right there. Well done. And I’m done. Now when I go that path to Kansas City, I have to pay one of you two coins (sneers).

Yep, you do. Okay, I’m gonna take advantage of my extra movement, and I’m gonna go. Movement. One, two, three, four, five.

What? Excellent? To there. Awesome; do you have two of the same card to discard? I definitely do.

Yikes. So, I’m doing and actually, do I draw first or I discard and then draw? You only draw at the very end of your turn.

You’re right about that. I keep forgetting that. Okay, so boom, I’ve discarded those two, which gives me three coins. Yes. And I can move again can’t I?

You definitely can, you can go to that next tile. Just the next one, though, or? Just one.

Just one. ‘Cause it has the one dude on it. Right.

Just a single meatball. Okay. You can move along there.

Now, I can’t, I do not have a black cow to trade. Do you wanna not take that movement then and hope that you draw one up next time? Or, if you could buy a cow now, but I don’t know if you can. I might be able to buy a cow because I’ve got three cowboys.

Three cowboys; you could buy it for six. Yeah, I’m gonna do it. Do it up. Oh, man, all right. Yeah, I mean, it’s got three victory points. You might as well, actually, you can take this five victory point card.

I’m definitely gonna take that one. I recommend it over the three. That is a good one. Thank you, wow, that’s very generous of you. That cut of meat.

Is much better. Cool. It’s a finer cut; it’s marbled. It’s marbled, that sounds good. Definitely the end. When you shake the cow.

(Jason laughs) All righty. Cool. It’s definitely the end of my turn. My turn; yeah, that was an epic turn.

Steak after this, after this game. (Becca laughs) That was what, that was what I said at the end of the how to play. That’s so funny.

My turn I’m gonna go one, two, three, and, while I’m here, I can move the train up and get a ribbon or I could just go straight on ahead and have a real party turn like you did. All right, I’m just gonna live a little, you know? Nice, do it. You gotta live a little.

I’m gonna go, so I start here. One, two, three, oh, you know what? That’s the max I have.

I haven’t uncovered, I haven’t uncovered an extra movement like I thought, so great, I’m gonna one purple ribbon and then I’m gonna move my train one space, but I get to leapfrog over y’all and, oh, man, oh, man. Now that I’m here, I got to slide down into the station master situation and that’s pretty epic. Okay, I’m trying to decide which of my, do I wanna lose my cowboy or lose my engineer? Okay, so, I get to, first things first, pay four coins. Lucky me, and then I’m gonna uncover my auxiliary action of a bonus coin and then I’m going to take this super sweet station master tile that says I get to take a hazard and take a teepee right now.

But I have to give up either my cowboy or my carpenter. I don’t want to, but I’m gonna give up my carpenter. It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Don’t you mean craftsman? She does mean craftsman, but she really likes like nice. Don’t judge me, guys. Okay, Well, I mean, carpenters are craftsmen. Yeah.

But craftsmen are more than carpenters. Things being built. Right. So many different things.

Bridges, the barns, the axles. The token I took says I get to take a hazard and a teepee off the board. I’m gonna take this blue teepee and it gets me four coins right away.

Nice. And I’m going to. Great. Take a hazard that’s gonna get me some sweet, sweet victory points and. And you’re taking the hazard because of what? That is number four?

The tile I took; how yours, it gives you an infinite purple ribbon. Yeah. Mine lets me take one hazard and one teepee and. That’s real good. Yeah, and then I get. That’s really good.

Extra victory points for having objectives. That’s immediately or just per turn? Immediately, right now. Got it. Just once; I’m gonna take the only four-pointer on there and there we go. And that’s it for me.

Cool, my go. See, you’re good, I bet you’re gonna stop. I’m gonna go right here. Yep, so I got my Guernsey. Well, wow, that’s pretty expensive cattle. Gosh, you just have so much money.

And then I can also do this guy, right? Only, no, only when you buy him. Only when I buy him, oh, okay, okay, okay. Well, what’s for sale now?

We’ve got this, this four, four right there. What does he cost for one cowboy? Just one cowboy, oh, yeah.

A 12? He’s gonna cost you. Twelve. Oh, no, he’s a. Yeah, 12; we’re so close to replenishing this whole cattle situation. I’ll wait. I shouldn’t have told you that ’cause I don’t wanna see you lose all that money.

It’s all good, I’m gonna wait. Okay. We’re gonna wait and then that’s it. Great. ‘Cause I can’t do anything else? Right.

So, we’re good. Did you draw back up to four? Right now, boom. I’m gonna go, because I’ve got five movement now.

One, two, three, four. You so fast. And I believe I get six for that now because I’ve got three. You sure do. Okay, boom, boom. Bravo, bravo, Sir.

And, ah. That’s your turn. That’s it, that’s my turn. Okay, it’s me, it’s me.

I’m obviously gonna go the path that has my cards on it. If I discard two of the same, which these stupid Jerseys are crowding up my hand, then I get to take three monies and after I’ve done that, I get to auto move to the next space and I can take a teepee or I can move my train forward and pay two. I think I’m gonna take a teepee and take some money. Money, money, money, money; thank you. All right. Okay, I also get to do an auxiliary action.

I could rotate through two of my deck or I could just take two money. I’m just jealous of all Ross’ money, so I’m just gonna take two more. Ross has a lot of money. I do have a lot of money. Yeah. It’s ’cause I didn’t buy a worker when I was down at the.

When you had the chance. When you had the chance. Okay, Ross.

I wanna go to the Black Angus. What; well, one, two. Right?

Three, four. Three, four. And five, so I’ve got that (mumbles) Black Angus? Two coins for you. Two coins. And would you like to buy cattle?

Nope. Tough cookie. I’ll wait, I’m done.

Okay. All right, I’m gonna do my last stop before Kansas City. Move for the change, all right. So, I can leapfrog my train, first of all. How many engineers do you have?

I’ve got two. Then you move two spaces; one, two, but you really got to move three spaces. Because of the old leapfrog there. The old leapfrog, what kind of villainy action you thinking about? I’m thinking about trading in two cards. Do it; draw first.

Draw first in this instance I draw first, okay, right. So, I’m gonna draw two. One, two, and I’m gonna give away two, these two; boom, all right. I hope that worked out well for you. It did, thank you very much.

Yeah, okay. Felt pretty good. So I’m gonna go where Ross just was. I’m gonna discard a Black Angus and take two money for it. And then I could purchase cattle.

There’s only these two West Highlands, but I’ve got two cowboys, so I’ma use one cowboy to reveal two cards. Come on, please, please, please, please, please; yes. Okay, so I’ve revealed a Brown Swiss and because I have two cowboys, that card only cost me three coins. I’ll buy it and that’s my turn. Cool; so my go now. So, I have a question.

If I was to go over to the obstacles, can I just buy them? No. Only buy them when it’s on the obstacle thing. You can do an auxiliary action if you finish your turn on them, but if you move over them, you have to pay the toll or the fee for each one. But that doesn’t remove them though. Does not.

I will keep going this way, then. You’d like to come visit me? Yeah, I have to stop there, don’t I?

You do; I’ll take one coin. You don’t have to stop, but you do have to pay one coin and keep moving. Okay, that’s fine, I’ll pay one coin to keep moving. And then it looks like you got gotta pay Jason, as well.

I’ll pay him one. Give him this coin. Thank you. And that was one, two, three. I am gonna stop there.

Okay. I wanna do the auxiliary action and I wanna pay seven and I will pick up the three? Yeah. The hazard, yeah. It’s not even auxiliary, that’s just your local action. Oh.

You could discard two of the same in order to get four coins. Sounds good; I don’t have that. Too bad for you. I know; that’s it then.

That’s the day. Cool, that’s the day. Yep. Good, I’m going to Kansas City. Holy snaps.

Yeah. Okay, would you like a water hazard or a teepee on the board? Let’s go for. We don’t have any water hazards. We don’t, but it doesn’t look like there’s, well, let’s go for the teepee. Teepee?

Yeah, and then a cowboy or a craftsman. I need you guys to say that with me each time. Let’s do craftsman. Craftsman, it is.

Oh, my gosh, we have moved past a replenish the cattle situation. Look at that. And then while I’m doing this, you pick your. And then a cowboy or a capitalist engineer?

I’m gonna shuffle. I’ma go for the cowboy. Sounds good.

I know I should just draw up from the top of the stack, but I did the shuffling and it seemed a little. One-sided? Heavy on the brown cows. We’ll leave the three out here that were left and I’ma deal seven more out. Wow, nice. You go.

Four; I’m happy with that. All right, I’m gonna organize ’em all pretty and then what’s happening in Kansas City? What’s happening in Kansas City is I’ve got an Ayrshire, a Holstein, a Dutch Belt, and a Jersey, for a total of nine. You’re not messing around. I’m not, so, I guess I get nine coins for that, right? You do.

Bits, dollars, clams. Isn’t that life; clams. You’re right. Clams.

We don’t know clams in the Midwest. I use clams. Clams are good. Okay, nine gets me.

You’ve already been to Albuquerque. I have, but I haven’t been to Santa Fe. There you go.

I guess I’m gonna go to Santa Fe for eight? Get you some Santa Fe. And I don’t need to pay a toll. You don’t have to pay any toll. My train’s pretty far along and what can I remove from here? Only things with a white border because Santa Fe also has a white border.

You could get two coins as an auxiliary action instead of one or you can remove the thing that sent your train backwards to get more certificates or you can do the ones below that. Do I know; can I look and see what they are to move them? It’s just spend one coin. Oh, right, yeah, sure.

It just says do it once. Okay, and then that one would be. Spend a coin to move your train forward as an auxiliary action. Or move your train backward to discard a card forever to the trash pile.

I’m gonna uncover that then. Cool, I’ll put it on Santa Fe. Thank you very much.

My pleasure. I shoulda done it on three. Back in the beginning.

But I didn’t do it yet. There you go. Which is all good, cool. And then discard those cards.

I will. My turn. Yep. I’m pretty close to Kansas City, but I’m not as fast as you guys and I’ve got a card. I have to pay Jason one to pass through and then I have to pay somebody else, again.

And you know what? I don’t love my hand, but I could move my train up. Okay, I’m just gonna move as far as I can with my little legs: one, two, three, and I have to pay Jason one. Thank you. For you, and then, let’s see, I’m gonna discard two to take four coins.

Okay. Nice. And then I could buy a hazard at this point, but that’s nah, whatever; that’s my turn. Cool, on my go, I’m gonna go right into Kansas City.

Do it. All right. Boom; hand up.

Go in there. Got a Dutch Belt, an Ayrshire, a Brown Swiss, and a Jersey. That’s real beautiful; let’s move this tile down as well.

Do you want a water hazard or teepee? We’ll do a teepee. Teepee.

And we’ll do a cowboy and we’ll do an engineer. Beautiful. No, they technically have to go in the other order. You’re right. You do your hand while I replenish.

So we have a nine? Nine, pretty sweet. And then I’ve got two with the. So, you’re at 11. Eleven. But you’ve already been to Albuquerque.

Yeah, so what if we odd a one so I have at least 10, right? I don’t have to spend that. I wouldn’t spend the other blue ribbon, but you will get money for you automatic blue ribbon.

Yeah, we’ll do that. Okay, so you get nine coins for your cattle and then. One for.

One more for the blue ribbon. For the automatic purple ribbon, right? That’s what the ninth was, oh.

No, he had nine. Sorry. Yeah, he gets 10. Psych, psych, it’s subtracting one, adding one, and now that we’re looking at it.

El Paso’s 12, right? El Paso’s 12. So I only have 11 if I was to do that. Yeah. It’s all good. So close, yet so far.

I know. While you decide what to uncover, we forgot, when you went to Santa Fe, last turn, Jason, you should have gotten to draw an objective card. So you can choose either one of these face up or blindly from the top of the pile. This is what; one of each for something, two hazards? You’ll need to have a tile laid down, a blue teepee, and two of any type of hazards that aren’t already committed to a different objective because you can’t double up.

Right, maybe I’ll take my chances. Really? Out of the thing. Okay. Nice.

Living wild, perfect. Cool. That’ll go into your discard. Okay.

I’m gonna take the other movement one. You’re going so fast, slow down. That is just three victory points at the end of the game for you right there. Pretty nice, I’ll put it on Santa Fe, and you, Sir, also get an objective.

Would you like one of the visible ones or a secret mystery? What is the city one there? San Francisco. It’s 18. You just gotta make it to the 18-point city. Let’s go on that one, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Great, and remember whatever’s in the upper left hand, if you decide to play the card, that’s in your discard, it gets shuffled up, you draw it, you play it, from your hand, then you get to automatically get the thing on the top left. Do I draw this one and place it here? Yes, you do, thank you. Okay.

Replenish. Now, when I, say I essentially finish this, will I have this stuff, here? It’s just end of game VP. Yeah, yeah, got it, cool, just figured. But remember these hazards can’t double up for your other objective.

Right. Okay, and that was your whole Kansas City excursion. Yep, good times.

Jason. I’m gonna start a tour right here and, let’s see, actually, yeah. Going hiring? I’ll turn this in for the two coins. Two coins.

One, two, now I’m going hiring. Did one just fall out of your sleeve? No, I just popped it. You popped it.

Wow. I’m holding one dollar in my sleeve, you never know. Look at that bit doing its thing. You are a magician.

I am; no, I’m not. Only a magician of music. Only a magician could become the King of the Old West. I know right, exactly, only someone completely delusional would think that there was a king in the Old West, and that would be me, so, I’m going to buy craftsmen for six. Which hand the craftsmen in? Amaze balls.

Thank you, and that’s it. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Drawing up. Interesting; all right, my turn to go to Kansas City, if I so choose. I could move my train forward first, but whatever, let’s just go.

I’m gonna give money to Ross because I gave money to Jason last turn. Money, thank you. I’m gonna give you two. (mumbles) smart move. But you have so much; too late. I know, look at that guy.

First things first, I’m gonna put a wazer, water, wazer hazard. Wazer hazard? Wazer hazard. Wazer hazard; we’re moving. We’re like, things are ramping up ’cause we’re going faster to Kansas City. I can either add an engineer or a carpenter.

Man, engineers seem to be all the rage, so let’s get this guy up in here, except for next turn, I don’t know, let’s see what happens. I’m gonna, I’m gonna do a craftsman. Sorry I said carpenter again and then even more. All right, nice.

So those are placed. If you would replenish, Sir. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then for my cowsies, I’ve got a gray, a green, a black, and a yellow.

Together they make, eight, nine points, plus I’ve got two extra ribbons. I think I’m just gonna use one of them and that gets me all the way to Albuquerque. I’m going to uncover something sweet. Like I’m going to move my train forward for monies. And Albuquerque; now, since I place there I also get to take an objective. I’ve been eyeing this two teepees and a tile gets me three VP ’cause I’ve already got two teepees.

You already got ’em. Right? Yeah, so I instantly get, oh, I don’t get to play it yet, though. It’s going into my discard, then I go back to the start. I didn’t take my money, though, 10.

You did two, right? Ten, yeah. Cool. Cool, my go, right, we good?

Yes, I could afford it. I’m gonna go to the employment center and I’ve got a Jersey. A Jersey. A Guernsey. A Guernsey.

For two, so I’ll take one, two and then I need to get some cowboys, here. We’ve got a guy for seven. Wow, that’s a cowboy. Yeah, you’ve been needing one ever since you fired that lazy guy.

Yeah, so, seven there and then I’m gonna pick up another one. You might as well. I think he’s the cheaper one, right? Yeah.

Cool. Careful of those cheaper ones, though, you never know. You never know. Well, we’re gonna find out, right?

Give me 10 and I’ll give you change. Sounds good. Here’s one, two. Ba-boom. Great; paid 15, beautiful; so many employees. Great, I know.

Stacks, now. Cool. And you have the, oh, you both have three cowboys. And that’s it, great.

I need more cowboys; all right. All right, let’s see. You have three carpenters, craftsmen. Craftsman. I do, I have three craftsmen, so I think I’m gonna.

Put ’em to work? Yeah, tell me what’s going on with this card, here. That says next time you buy an employee, it cost one less. Okay, and then the other thing. Or you could buy an employee by standing on that tile it will cost one less and the other is you move your train forward one for each engineer.

Great, can I afford to place this? I think I can. Sure, if you have six coins to pay. I sure do. All right. I’m placing that down.

Place that for six coins. And that’s good to know that I can buy a, any employee on this? You can buy any of the three employees.

If I’m standing on this. Yes. So I can skip that if I wanted to, next round.

It will cost you one less. Possibly. To do it on your own tile. Yeah, so, I’m gonna place it on the woods, yet again.

Nice, good play. Yeah, yeah, now your woods card’s gonna really. Yeah.

Bring in the money. Eight. Hey, you know, you gotta do it.

You gotta do it? And you can also discard a green card for two coins. Yeah, I don’t, I’m okay. You’re keeping it, all right. Keeping it. You sure?

Okay; I’ma live life; my turn, with my red man. Okay, I desperately need more cowboys ’cause you guys have so many more cowboys than me, I’ll take two coins for my Guernsey and then I would like to buy some expensive employees. You’ve got, you’ve got money going on. I got money to spend, yeah, it’s true. First things first, I need a cowboy and you look like you’re fairly priced.

This guy’s gonna cost me seven. And then the next one’s gonna cost me nine. Okay, I’m going to spend eight monies to get five, six, seven. You mean nine?

Eight, actually, in this row they only cost six with a plus two and I think I would like a craftsman. I haven’t ever built my tile that allows me to get coins for how many things are touching trees, which right now is pretty good for me. Whatever, I don’t even care anymore.

I paid my money, I got my craftsman, we’re happy, we’re all. You’re good. We’re having like a group bonding, employee team building. Pow wow. Exercises are happening. Excellent.

Trust falls. Trust falls, so many trust falls. Trust falls; that is definitely what they worked on on the great working trail. Yeah, there’s a scavenger hunt, later, scavenger hunt. That’s where the.

On the trail. Little known fact, trust fall was, was actually invented in, on the trail. Wow.

Yeah. Is that so? Something that they came up with, yeah.

Was that when they were. Making the. The Oregon Trail. Wyatt Earp came up with it (chuckles). Wyatt Earp, oh, man. People would faint, they’d pass out, try and get caught.

If they didn’t, they die and you bury ’em on the Oregon Trail. That’s how huckleberries came around, right? If they didn’t die of dysentery. Right.

Most of ’em died of dysentery, let’s be real. Yeah. Yeah; I’m gonna get my yellow guy there and we’re gonna go here. Right here?

Yep, ’cause I got my one, two, three, four. You’re so fast. We’re gonna. Sorry, I’m gonna recon. When I went to Albuquerque. Go for it; yep.

I took something off something with a white background, but I shoulda taken if off something with a black background and I would like to move a little faster. So, I’ll take three coins. Sounds good, we can do that.

We’re all friends here. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. But I had to. Boom, here we go. So Jerseys, we’re doing that. I got three monies.

Three monies. Three monies, three bits. Three bits. Three bits and then I get to move one right up there, which will move the purple down to two. You’re revealing a new objective.

Forgot to do that. We have to do that, true, and then I’ll move my train up one; one for engineer? Yeah, you get to move him. I have two.

He gets to leapfrog. There you go, you’re at 12. Yeah, cool, that sounds good.

Beautiful; good turn, good turn. All right. Draw two. One, two, three, four, five. There were no stop signs on the way, were there?

None. Okay, great, so I can trade in. You can trade two of the same. Yep. For three coins.

Great, which is what I’m gonna do, so boom, boom. It’s kind of adorable how he asked for that, only that symbol every round. I know, I’m a. All of the rest you’ve got down. Yep, I really did. It’s just that one.

That means I can move again, one. On to your own. On to my own. You could buy an employee or hire them. If I hired an engineer. Now is the only moment when you could do his special action.

Right, so, and I don’t have that card in it, so, if I hired a fourth cowboy, for example. You would get to just grab a hazard off the board. Grab a hazard; which is a good hazard out there. There is a good hazard out there. Yeah, I’m sorry I did that. That’s okay, yeah, I’m gonna go for it, I’m gonna buy that cowboy for seven, which makes it six.

Wow, that’s a good ability. Yeah. All right.

Boom and then I’m gonna grab this water hazard for four. Nice. Beautiful, well done. Lots of VP right there.

Then I’m gonna draw my cards up. Okay, me, I’m gonna move just one space ’cause you know what? I would like to build a tile. I’m gonna take two coins for passing go and playing a green card and then with my two carpenters, whatever, all right, that’s my turn. Cool. Oh, sorry, I was supposed to pay two coins for that.

Okay, I wanna go to the Black Angus. Black Angus; one, two, three. There we go, cool and I got a Black Angus. Two coins. I get two coins. Are you going cow shopping?

I am gonna go cow shopping. There’s a five-point. Texas Longhorn.

West, I could Texas Longhorn it, but I could also get the, that guy right there. How much is it for five, right? Yeah, it’s gonna cost you; with a person that has hired three cowhands, to get a level four, it’s gonna cost you six. Fine, six, here we go, good investment. Okay, discard.

Boom, oh, he’s so cute. He’s so cute; only you see your own cows that way, you know, it’s like, Jason. Great, I’m actually just, I’m gonna go the same place and I’m gonna turn in this Black Angus for two; one, two. Well done; you cow shopping, too? I’m going to buy the Texas Longhorn.

Oh, my gosh. And because I have four cowboys. That’s insane. I’m gonna buy ’em for six. Oh, gosh, okay.

One, two, three, four, five, six. I’m regretting all my decisions; good move. Thank you very much.

Back to me, again. I want more cows in my life. Let’s move one and I’m going too, I want my victory points. Okay, I’m gonna buy two cows of a level three caliber. Nice.

Which is gonna cost me five coins. Cowiber? Cow (chuckles). Only cost you five coins each? Just five coins because if I have three cowboys, which I do. Oh, you can buy two.

This is the only way you can buy two of any color of level three breeding for five coins. Pretty nice. Also, if you have a five cowboys, you buy two level fours for eight coins. I coulda bought two?

You don’t have five cowboys. Oh, got it. But otherwise you could just do one of those things. Right, right, cool.

That is my turn. Okay, I’m gonna go; I wanna come here, but I gotta pay you both one. Pay us one, two, three, four, five. Cool, let me stop there. So there’s one for you and.

Thank you, Sir. One for you. Brilliant. (mumbles) my engineers and move two on the train. Now, I could stop there. You could do the station master thing.

Let’s do that. All right, it’s gonna cost you four coins. Cool, I got a five. All right, I’ll give you some change and then decide which of your white-backed discs you would like to place and which cowboy, yeah.

I’ll do a cowboy. Cowboy, and then give me one of your discs. All right, I’ll take disc four. You’ve revealed more certificate spaces, brilliant.

He now has two, infinite, purple ribbons. Yep; can I discard a card or is that, with the secondary action there, or no? Did you do, you didn’t do a secondary; yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool, I wanna discard that and then just draw. Cool.

And then that’s it. I’m gonna go one, two, three, four, and I believe that gets me. You would like eight coins, wouldn’t you?

Eight coins and my little forest. That’s a good. A forest adventure. That’s good; you’re terraforming the great West.

He really is; okay, my turn, and, all right, I’m gonna go one, two, three. I’m gonna go here. I’m gonna discard two Black Angus for two monies. Nice.

Sorry, three monies, then move again. I shall take a teepee for four coins. Take a five and give back one, and then I get to do an auxiliary action of some sort.

Auxiliary action. Yes, yes, you know what? I don’t want my cows to be worth something, so I’m going to move my train backwards. I’m using my ability.

I’m gonna pay one coin. I moved my train back one spot and because I was in the train station, I didn’t have to move back that far; it’s fine. And then I get to move my certificate forward one. That’s my auxiliary action; ah, done. Cool, I’m gonna go to Kansas City. All right.

Boom. Party. We’ll put a water hazard. Oh I see what you’re, you’re thwarting me is what you’re doing. Yup; we’ll put an engineer. (gasps) You’re moving down the ticker.

Yep; and we’ll do a cowboy. We’re real close to putting some new cows out in the market. I’ve got a Holstein, a Guernsey, Black Angus, and a Dutch Belt. So two, four, six. Nine.

Nine. You have nine worth of cows. Yep. Two more because your infinite plus one, so that’s 11, which I have right here, and then I assume you wanna add one more to that from your.

Yeah, to go to El Paso. Yeah. Let’s do it up.

Okay. Boom. So, here’s all your monies; that’s 12. You are in El Paso, Sir. Yep. What would you like to reveal?

Let’s go with that. I believe we need to recon. The last thing you revealed was right here, right? Yep. But that actually would have to have a white background to be where it was.

Well, good thing I haven’t overly moved past five, so I don’t feel like that was a. Yeah, it’s fine. Break in the rules on there. But that one we can pretend goes to El Paso and whatever you’re moving now. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We figured it out, it’s fine. Cool. It all works out.

Good; and we’re down, one. You got your monies. You’re back to start. Yeah. And everyone’s happy and that’s the most important thing, except for the cows that we sent off to be slaughtered. Yeah, they’re not too happy.

They don’t know any better. And you’ve also completed both El Paso and Albuquerque, so you’re gonna get six VP at the end of the game; what, what. Cool. Nice.

Awesome, wow. Yeah, so, at this point I would say it’s absolutely impossible to tell who’s in the lead, so great job, everyone (laughs). Okay. Let’s do it up. I’m moving to my little pre-Kansas City party there and I can draw two.

Do you wanna move your train up? I do. Moving it up two. Two and release two.

This one and this one and that’s it. All right, my turn. I need to just get to Kansas City.

You do. Except I could afford a cow and it’s right there. No, well, no, let’s just run. Okay, I’m gonna go one.

Either I pay one, two, three to the bank or two to you guys. On, no, that’s me, so, it’s one, two, three. I have to pay one to Jason. Four, and my fifth move, I could land on either of your spaces, so, I’m just gonna stay where I am. Don’t have any two of the same to discard.

Don’t wanna pay seven for a hazard, ’cause none of them are worth that many VP. I’m gonna draw two, yes. Excellent. Shitty hand.

No? No, and discard two; great. I wanna go to the employment center. Do it up; I’ve got a Guernsey. Do I get two monies?

Two monies. And I’m going to purchase this guy. He’s a person; you can’t purchase him. I’m gonna hire him. Hire him. Just his services.

And then I. I think he learned that by watching you though, just. And I’ma turn the one Jersey, here. Here’s two coins for that. For two money. That party.

Which is cool, right, and then I’m gonna pick up another one, too. I’ll do the seven, that makes sense; that’d be nine, right? That’d be nine.

So, I. Did you pay money for the first one; I didn’t have you pass it to me. Then I bought the first one at, where is he, at six. Yeah.

I had done that. Perfect. And then you had given me two for the. I gave you that.

That and then two for the Jersey. Sure did. Cool, so then we’re buying the next, hiring the next guy.

Thank you. At seven, so nine. Yeah. Five, four, there we go. Beautiful. And then I get to do a thing.

Doing a thing. With him. Oh, my gosh, you get to hire someone else right away and he’s gonna cost you two less. Well, too bad. Only got three. Ah, but you can’t afford him.

Nope. Okay. So. Party’s over.

No, no one’s affordable; cool, there we go, that’s it. Okay, my party’s just begun because I’m going. Your train is so fast. To Kansas City, so move me on up there. There you go. I’m not super happy with where I’m at, but.

Cowboy or engineer? Let’s move an engineer down. And craftsman or teepee? Teepee. Cool; it’s like a personality quiz you find in a magazine. Right?

Are you a craftsman or are you a teepee (laughs). (mumbles) for with engineer, actually. Yeah. You know.

Really go. Okay, and I’ve got seven, seven, which is. It’s okay. Yeah.

It’s all right. Luckily. You got anything extra to spend, no? I don’t, I don’t. Here’s your seven money, we’ll set it to the side.

Thank you. Oh, great. I guess the only place I can go is Wichita. Wichita.

But I haven’t been there, so this is my Wichita moment. It’s your Wichita moment; we all have one, you know. Yeah. Right. So, and it needs to be white. I’ll go with this one.

Diners. Cool. And, put that there. Let me reach on your behalf. Great. On your behalf.

On, on, on the hoofing? Well, great, what a fun trip you had in Kansas City. Yeah, I did, it was great. Let’s send you on back and then, yeah, we’re way past paying for our train station stops, at this point. I am also hella close to Kansas City.

I’m just gonna give Jason money ’cause I had to give Ross money last time. That’s one, two. That’s fair, that’s fair. Here’s two coins ’cause I passed your green location and let’s go to Kansas City.

Let’s see, I want more teepees for everybody. (Ross cheers) And putting in a cowboy man and an engineerio. Engineerio; I’ll replenish this four site. Thank you; now that you’ve done that, I’m gonna reveal my dope hand.

Nine, 10, 11, in cows. Whoa. I’m gonna pay one ribbon.

Wow. That brings me up to El Paso, and El Paso has a black background, so I can either move faster or, you know what? I’m gonna pay five coins in order to hold four cards upon my hand; there we go. You mean five? Yeah, so now my hand limit is five and that money would be nine, 10, 11, 12.

So that’s just a one-time payment. Now you can hold five whenever you want? Yeah.

Yes. All right. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. That’s me, who’s next to party?

Me; I’m gonna go, here. (Becca gasps) Here? One more, right there; one, two, three, four, five. You moved to a zone. I like the mechanic that you’re often asked to discard your lower counting cards. Yes, that’s really nice.

And it gives you a bonus and then you’re more likely to draw the cards you purchased. I like that mechanic a lot. So, I wanna go up a one for the purple there. Cool. And then I’m gonna.

Oh, my gosh, your train is outta control. Train engineer this up. Okay. That four, right? You move four spaces, so, one, two, three, you could choose a stop at the station. What do I get there?

You would pay six coins. I don’t have six coins. To get two coins. Nope, I don’t have those coins.

One, two, three, four. Four. Seventeen, oh man. Cool. Wow.

The train’s almost beat you to San Francisco. I know. I’m done. Can’t believe we’re this far in the game and I have a rules question, but since I put the, the objective card in my deck, and now it’s come up, instead of a cow. Yes. What do I do?

You can play it at any time during your turn except after you’ve already drawn up at the end of your turn and once you play it face up, you automatically get the little bonus in the upper left hand corner. And then if you don’t finish it by the end of the game, you’ll take the penalty. If you leave it in your hand or discard it, if you have a pick up two discard two situation, then you can still score the bonus for achieving it, but it won’t take the penalty. But if it’s already done, just put it down right now.

It’s not done. Up to you; do you think you will finish it? It’s possible; you know what? It doesn’t seem too crazy. I’d say if it seems unlikely, leave it in your hand. You want to take a look at it?

Get it into your discard pile. So you need a station master tile, which that seems unlikely, and then you need a blue and a green teepee, which you don’t have any yet. Right.

I would keep it in your hand and look for a chance to discard it. Sounds good to me. ‘Cause you can still score those points if you achieve it. Okay. Even if you didn’t play it down. Okay, fair enough; and I’m gonna move one.

Move. Move. Move; two, three, four; you know what?

I’ve got enough money to hire somebody. I will start there, so I’m going to hire a third engineer at eight, and then I’m also going to, I’m going to discard this Jersey cow to get two more points back. Cool.

So it really only ended up costing me six. Could you hand me that guy right? Who’d you buy?

That engineer. This one? Yeah. Nice. Okay.

Beautiful; that was your turn? That was my turn. You know who goes next is me. I’m gonna go to the same spot. I’m gonna discard a Guernsey and take two coins for it.

I’m gonna hire a, these engineers are expensive, but I’ll do it. I’m taking an engineer and I’m going to discard a Jersey card ’cause that’s his special ability for building him when I did, and then I get an extra certificate and this craftsman; it’s gonna cost me nine. Nice. Pay 10, take one; turn, done.

Okay, I’m gonna go to Black Angus. Black Angus; two coins. Two coins.

Two coins. Now, I’m not gonna buy a cow, but can I do an auxiliary? Nope. ‘Cause I did the Black Angus. ‘Cause you did something.

Unless you wanna give the two coins back, take your card back in your hand, and then do your auxiliary instead. I don’t, nope. Guys, I just noticed we moved this job market token down, but we did not reset the cattle market. Oh, we should do that. Nice.

So, there’s six there, so we just need 10 more or. Four more. To get up to 10. Yep.

One, two, three, four; let’s see what we got. Another Holstein, we got level three Ayrshire and a level four West Highland, and another boring, old Holstein, okay. Aw, not too bad. Cool. It’s not too exciting, either.

I’m still not gonna get any of those, which is fine; I’ll draw and then be good. Great, I will go one, two, three, four, five, to the central line of which I can do either or, so I’ll move the purple ribbon down one. Purple ribbon down one. Right and then I will move my train three spaces.

Out of control; one, two, three. You have the option to be the station master, here. Moving in. You’re doing it.

Nice, nice, good. Well, yeah, you get the benefit of uncovering something on your board. Right, right, right, so I’m paying six and then I get two back or? Yeah. Okay. You just pay four.

I’m only paying four. So long as you have it. I do, absolutely; I can uncover a black one, right? You can. I think.

In fact, you must. I think I’m gonna pay five, so I can hold five cards. It’s a good idea ’cause my hand’s pretty baller since I did that. Wow. I’m gonna go ahead and draw. Now, you must take one of your employees and put it in the spot.

You’re right, how about cowboy number four? Bye, cowboy. Sorry, bud, you served me well. Amen. (mumbles) served me well, he’s just managing, your, your station. Right, he is.

It’s a promotion. Cool. Draw, draw in, so I have five now. There you go; get to do it right away.

I know exactly what I wanna do. I’m gonna go right here. I’m gonna discard a Dutch Belt and take two coins for that. Then I’m gonna build. I have three craftsmen, so I can build this tile that needs three craftsmen.

It cost me six to build it. That’s a lot of money. It’s very exciting; worth it and when I go here, it allows me to hire for one cheaper and it moves my train and it gets me victory points just for playing it; let’s go. Cool, I’m gonna go to Kansas City.

Do it. So, I’m gonna pay one to red, pay one to blue. Three, four, five, and you can go six now.

Six? (gasps) So one to each of us. Wow.

Got it; one for me, one for, Jason. Thank you. So, I’ll put one of these down; desert. I’ll put a worker out.

Moving it down. Two, then I’ll out a worker out for three and that’s it for me. And I’ll replenish this really quick and then I’ve got a, a Guernsey, a Dutch Belt. A Dutch Belt. An Ayrshire. Ayrshire.

And a West Highland. West Highland. We’ve got two, four, seven, 11. Thirteen for you, buddy boy.

That’s right. Nice. Okay, are you gonna spend any of your extra two to go a little further? Looks like you gots to.

Yeah, let’s do it up. Are you going one more to get to San Diego? Yeah, let’s do it. Cool, here’s one more coin for you. I’m a fan of San Diego.

Bringing it down on your certificates; all right. Wow. San Diego has a white background. I don’t really like any of these backward. Nor this one; here we go, that works.

You just earned another eight VP at the end of the game. Cool, and I go back to home base, right? Yeah, did you, you got your money, yes. Boom, good. Okay.

Okay, I’m moving here. We’re trading in these two guys for three coins, then I’m moving here. Let’s see, are there any affordable workers right now? They’re real expensive; well, these craftsmen are only costing six, which would be five for you because. Right.

Everybody wants to work for you. Right, although we’re nearing the end of the game, so will I be even throwing a card down? Here’s the thing: if you get two more craftsmen before the game’s over, that’ll earn you four victory points. Yeah.

‘Cause if you have one, two, three, four, five of any type of worker, that’s four VP. Right. It’s enough to throw a holiday party, that’s why.

Wow. Oh, there you go; yeah, yeah. It’s, you know, victory points are also like life points. They are like life points.

Yeah, I think a holiday party is very important to one’s psyche. Oh, totally; yeah, it’s good for morale and your workers. You know what; I’m gonna go crazy. I’m gonna buy both of those. Wow.

I’m, I’m sorry. I can only hire one. You can only do it once. Okay, then, I’ll hire one, then.

Okay, you’ll hire one. I will hire one for five. And you got a cool ability. It’ll let you build right away for a cheaper cost.

Minus one and I can even throw a four down, which costs me how much, though? So it’s cheaper, so you have four and it will cost one each. So it’ll cost you four coins in order to build this one. Is there any more forest spaces left; no. Not a one. But.

It’s five victory points if you built it at the end of the game. Yeah, I’m gonna build it. Let’s see, I’ll just put it in the field, here, somewhere. The boonies?

How about that? Yeah. That’ll cost you four.

All right, there you go. Oh, you didn’t move your train forward. I didn’t. No. Your train is outta control; how many engineers? I’ve got three.

One, two, three, you’re 20, okay, great. Great. Ready? I don’t know because if I wanted to play this now, now that I do have this.

Yes, you can definitely do that right now. Gonna play it down. Do it up. Beautiful. Do it up.

And then I get to draw three, right? You get to, yeah, draw three, discard three. Well, I.

Or maybe that means draw and discard three times, whatever, we’ll play it our way. Okay, yeah, I’m good. (Ross laughs) I’m good.

Beautiful, and do you have? You don’t have teepees yet. No, but I’ll get there.

You will, yeah. I’ll get there. You do have the station tile, which is probably more worrisome. My turn and I wanna get to Kansas City so fast. Trying to figure out the best way.

I can only go five at a time. One, two, three, four, obviously, land on my own. I’m gonna, this is a risky choice.

No, I’m sorry, please pardon my stupidity. Undo, ’cause I was forgetting that I can’t get points for. Right. Multiples. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So I’m gonna go back one space and get an extra certificate ’cause that’ll really help me out. Excellent. With my bad counting I was doing a minute ago. And then I get to move my train forward; two. I am so far behind you guys.

You are a little bit back there. No leapfrogging for me. Well, you know, I had other priorities. Yeah, yeah, it happens, it happens. You know, it’s like, okay, I don’t know what they were, but I had them. You had to figure it out, you had to figure it out.

I know. You’re done? That’s it.

I’ma go to the employment center. I don’t have any cows to trade in, but I am gonna hire this last engineer, here, for 10. This is expensive.

But I get four teepees on him, which is pretty cool and if I had one of these guys, I can trade in a Jersey and will get two. Certificates. Certificates. Oh, my God, he’s got so many certificates. Cool, so I’m done.

Well done. Okay, I owe you a coin, here, correct? You sure do. Okay, so I’m gonna go one, two, three, four, five, pay you your coin.

Thank you; that’s the bank, I’ll take it. Eight back. Nice. For landing there. Yeah, that worked out for ya.

The trains are just hauling. Yeah. They really are. They’re doing it. And, that’s it for now.

Cool, nice, that trees really paid off; that’s awesome. Thought I could make it to San Francisco, but things aren’t going as well for me as I thought at first. You gotta get this train situation moving. You gotta get going.

You gotta throw that extra log in there. I’m just gonna run, I’m just gonna run for Kansas City as fast as I can. One, two, three, four. I can only go five and I don’t wanna end on your space. You could stop at four and then take that, actually, lets you go two. Yep.

And you end up on the neutral one. That’s a fun party. Okay, so now that I’m here, I could pay five coins to get a hazard; that sounds fun. I love hazards; let’s see, one, two, three, four, five. My hazard shall be; yeah, this is three victory points, love it, and then I can also move two spaces ahead.

Nice. One, two, then neutral space. I do have to pay Jason one, for passing. Sure, I’ll take it. His property.

I could discard two cards for four points. I would draw back up crappier cards, though. I think it just makes sense for me to use an auxiliary action to draw one and discard one.

I’ll take it; turn done. Cool, I’m gonna go, here, and I’m gonna turn in two Black Anguses, right, I can do that? You, you can. No, just where are you? Two of any doubles. Two of anything, yeah.

That’s a two there, so I get a three. Three coins. And then I’m gonna move up one.

Moving up. I’m gonna get my fourth ribbon and then I’m gonna move five. You are maxed out on your ribbons. On the train.

Wow, wow. Yeah, it’s too fast, too fast of a train. One, two, three, four, five; you can either. What does it cost to do that? It would cost you eight coins to just get five victory points. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, yeah.

So you are stopping at that station. We’re gonna do that. And then place one of your black background discs there and Jason, you just wanna jump in? Here we go, cool. Perfect.

That’s done and then I’ll draw back up and that’s it for me. Okay, great, yeah, I’m gonna move one here. Moving your train man?

Moving my train, one, two, three, and then I can do two auxiliary actions, correct? Yes, they have to be the same action. Yeah, I’m gonna go, one, two. Is that yours; oh, you can pay two coins and move your train backwards, too, to do what you just did, which is move your certificate down.

So what am I doing? You would pay one coin, move your train backward one space, and go down one certificate slot. Boom, boom, boom.

Yes. Right, all right. All righty? Yes. Okay, you need to draw one more.

I do, you’re right. I’m going to go to Kansas City. Nice. And, in order to do it, I had to give somebody money; who’s winning?

I don’t know, I feel like. I think he’s winning. Ross has uncovered more stuff with his discs. Thank you.

I don’t know about that. You have more than (mumbles) discs left. If I had a, if I had a mustache and a top hat, I might be rocking it right now. Yeah, you, you’ve got way too many victory points in those far along cities. Now you gotta go and get it going.

You gotta add a teepee. Spend time in the train tracks. And I gotta add two engineers. That makes my life simple. This shouldn’t have moved out, oh, oh, shit, this is going here. Did we buy one here already?

Yeah, we already filled that out. The second spot? I think so. It’s really hard to tell. We purchased a whole bunch of stuff.

Yeah. I don’t feel like we’ve been doing that wrong. Yeah, I don’t know how we would remember. Yeah, ’cause we can’t buy the active row for a reason. Yeah. So this would go here, actually.

We’re not quite there yet, okay? Okay. Okay, great, I’ve added two engineers, and oh, my God, guess what five, eight. Whoa, look at that Longhorn. Nine, 10, 15, plus three certificates means $18 dollars and I’m going to San Francisco, baby, what.

That’s pretty good. Eighteen dollars. Somebody’s going to San Francisco. Motherfuckers San Francisco; what am I gonna uncover there, oh, my God.

The hand limit really helped me. So I could do that or I could just move even faster for victory points. Let’s do that, okay.

Nice, cool. I know it, but that is my only Texas Longhorn. He’s not gonna come back up for a while.

No. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone for hand limit, whatever. Cool, my go; I’m gonna move my full six, so I’m just gonna go as far as I can. One, two, three, four.

Money. Five, six; give one money to each of us. Cool; one money, one money. I have no, I’m gonna draw two, right ’cause I can do that? Technically, you can only do it once.

So, I draw one, that’s fine and then I can just choose not to do it. Guys, I think on that exact tile, several turns ago, I might have done mine twice though, so you should get to do it, twice. No, it’s okay, it’s all good, cool, done. Okay.

Okay, great, I’m going to Kansas City, move me there. Oh, my God, we forgot to replenish. Oh, yeah, replenish, replenish.

Hey, it’s nobody’s fault, things just happen. Boom. Would you like a desert or a teepee?

Oh, actually teepee would just go back in the box. Okay, then, what would we do? I guess, we’d have to do desert. You don’t have to.

You can send one back to the box, but desert it is. Would you like an engineer or a craftsman? Engineer, please.

And then do you want; I’m gonna add this engineer on your behalf. Great, okay, I think I can make it to San Diego, right now. That’s a good place to go. I’ve got 13, here, and I’ve got two more, so that puts me over.

You just need to use one of them, then. Yeah, I just need to use one. Okay, take a token, put it on San Diego, and I’ll get you 14 coins. San Diego’s white, all right. I’m gonna take this token, put it here. Here’s 14.

Boom, thank you. It’s your town, man, and then, yeah, great, nothing happens in between those; what you doing? I was ready to go, no, it’s good. Go for it; you’re in Kansas City?

No, it’s your turn. Oh, yep. Yeah, you could buy two of. Yeah, okay. Of a cowboy.

I’m gonna buy engineers. So, let’s see, I’m gonna pay for this here, engineer, for five coins. And if I discard a Jersey, I’m gonna take two more coins and then I’m going to take. Oh, look at that! Another engineer.

Look at that play, okay. And then you can buy another one. And then I can buy another one for two less and I’m gonna do another engineer because I don’t get victory points. So this guy cost me seven and then my final one, I can buy him for just three coins, and then one, two, three.

And then if I discard another Jersey, which I’ve got, I get two ribbons. Look at that. Yeah. The Becca train is in the house. Turn over. Cool; I’m gonna roll into Kansas City on my turn.

Dang. Oh boy, here we go. You’re about to start this party and get two points. ‘Cause I could stop and do that, but at that point it’d be better to. You might as well take the two extra points for finishing first, finishing the game. Yeah, ’cause getting farther, I already got the max, so, let’s do it up, so, we’re in there, boom.

I’m gonna throw a teepee back in the box. Teepee sounds good, we’ll bring a worker. Does he even go, where does he even go? Right there. Right there? And then the next worker that you add.

Mr. Teepee. You’re gonna get two victory points. Oh, wait, we’ll do, we’ll do a worker. Yeah.

Yeah. Beautiful; two victory points and what kind of cattle you got? Not a, my good guys are cut. A Holstein, a Dutch Belt, Guernsey, and a Jersey. Seven, eight. You know why; it’s a classic, it’s a classic, it’s good.

Sure. There we go. That’s eight, right there. Tried and true. Plus 10, with your special ability.

And then four. Fourteen coins, that’s awesome. Yeah. Okay, you didn’t need anything good.

You got so many ribbons already in your pockets to put on your own cattle. They are worth winning; it’s like pass the ribbon. There’s 14, this goes down to zero and you’d like to go to, you’ve been to San Diego.

Yeah. You’ve been to all the things. I was one short of. Oh, no.

Of Sacramento. You might as well spend it and take the money, but you can only go to Wichita. Yeah, which doesn’t get me any points, though. No. That’s fine, keep it, we’re good.

Okay, do you wanna take it from here? Yep. Great. Boom. We’re now the. You finished your turn.

Yeah. Right. Actually, Jason and I just get one more turn, so what gets you maximum points? Also, if a pen could magically appear from the air that’d be cool, and I. Nice.

Okay, I’ve got this handy scorecard, so maybe go through your deck and separate ones that get you VP. We gotta do one final turn. Right, now what can I do to get me the most victory points right now? That’s what I’m trying to decide. Good question, so. If I can do anything at all.

Well, every five coins is one point, so you’ve got this, that if you discard a yellow green card. But it’s gotta be in my deck, it’s gotta be in my hand. Yellow three has to be in your hand, yeah.

Then I will just go right here and I’ll just start a gray two, to at least get two more, which would help me some, I guess. So I’ll just do that. Take these two, so, I think I’m good. Cool; me, me, go.

Final turn, I’m just gonna get a real nice cattle to put in my pasture. And, let’s see, that’s gonna bring me one, two, three; discard can’t. I am going to buy the nicest cattle I can with my three farmhands and it’s gonna be this West Highland. It’ll cost me six. And that’s it; all right.

(upbeat music) Yee-haw. I also get two for. Yep; then that is the final category. All right, so two points for Ross (mumbles) and adding up. Ross you have two plus three. Do you wanna read me the numbers?

Yep, ready? I have two and three plus. Thirteen, eight, seven, 11, six, three, four, three, two. I won’t read it yet; okay. Drumroll; ready?

Okay, read Jason’s. Five, 14, negative one, so the opposite, two. For the next. Yeah, I’ll just take off. The difference, okay, great. Four, 15, one, seven; that’s it.

I saw the first number. (Jason and Becca laugh) Okay, and me. One, 10, 15, two, seven, 24, seven, three, four, three. (clears throat) Don’t worry, I used a calculator, everyone, we have determined the final score.

Let’s see, Jason comes in a prestigious third, also known as the king’s position. (laughs) I’ll take that, I’ll take that. I’ll take that. With 48 points.

You scored highest in your cattle and your tile laying; beautiful craftsmanship, as some would say. Ross, you may or may not have been in first or second place. I know. You scored 62 points and you really went hard on the train objectives up there. And then, me, Becca. I had so many cattle, y’all.

So many cows, so many cows. Didn’t know what to do. All of my cows in my pasture they just gave me so much love and 76 points. So many. Whoa.

Yes, it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter, we don’t even have to end the game. No, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter at all. We’re all winners, here, but thank you, guys, so much for letting me win. Glad to be here.

I appreciate that and you’re both game meisters in your own right. Thoughts on the game real quick. This game’s super fun. I really appreciate like the point solidness of it, right, and, so, it was funny ’cause I wanted to focus more on cleaning out the obstacles and the hazards and then I realized that wasn’t where I was jamming at. I switched gears and then started getting more of the, this trend to speed through.

But then I think I really ate it where I didn’t have enough cows to cycle through Kansas City hard enough. I only scored with that, but then with the purples, I did pretty well. But it was good, a lotta fun. You did great. I thought you were in the lead.

I was surprised; Jason. I like how there’s a lot of different ways you can win. In the end, a lot of strategies to go if I had, probably paid more attention, I would have realized to buy more cattle at the beginning.

That’s probably where my downfall was, but it’s a lot of fun and I think that if we, you know, if I played it again, there’s a lot of replay value in this game because you can choose different strategies each time. There are a billion strategies. Totally. To choose, totally; I love it.

Not influenced at all by the fact that I won, but it was such a pleasure to have you guys here. Thank you so much for coming. Glad to be here. I’ll see you guys next time. Remember to buy lots of cattle and always increase your hand-size limit; bye.

(upbeat music)