I Rented A Budget Las Vegas Ferrari Rental

I Rented A Budget Las Vegas Ferrari Rental

What’S going on, everybody Rob Ferretti here in Las Vegas Nevada, See, there’s Las Vegas Behind me. I’Ve got a 458 rental car that I just scored from a company. That’S not mine! I just doing a little bit of market research here because in Vegas they seem to make offers that are too good to be true, and I’ve been in the business for 15 years when something’s too good to be true, there’s usually a reason now.

This far behind me was six hundred dollars for a day with 175 miles and no security deposit that doesn’t make good business sense because it’s not even profitable. Let’S see if we can figure out what the business model is, So bonus slots us looks good. It’S on point A bunch of little like nicks and scratches, but that could happen on any car. That’S i cant pretend like that.

That would be an issue to me if I rented this car. This doesn’t line up clearly the guy – and I think one of my bigger problems was the guy was feeding me lines of BS. He told me that that was normal over there and when it came to this side I said “.

So why is this line not like that”? His answer was simply “ that the car flexes that’s perfectly normal”. He made up a story about the horses being stolen. All the time I’ve had six or eight 458 never had a horse stolen, told me made a hundred of them and they were all stolen.

So still again, don’t believe him, but this one hasn’t been stolen. He said because it’s been welded on Some of the stuff that concerned me: he sells insurance for a hundred fifty dollars to people from New York who don’t have insurance or to people from Europe. I asked them why I couldn’t purchase the insurance for the parts. Have an extra layer, he told me “ you’re not allowed to double insure a car”. I inquired why you can’t double insure a car, because when I travel Hertz tries to sell me insurance when I already have insurance, it’s just what they do. I don’t know what the issue was there.

Then I asked if I could use Amex premium car rental protection and they said no. They don’t accept it because Amex takes a year to pay. So when I started digging into it a little bit on the insurance end, I started talking about ( to off camera ) good thanks When I started digging into it on the insurance end. I started asking well what about this. What about this, and he starts telling me well, if you damaged wheel, which the most common damage, usually you have to buy a whole set because they don’t sell just one wheel, and now I start getting into the talking to the guy. Who knows what he’s talking about, but I’m pretending like I don’t know and I’m like look guy.

You said a bunch of stuff I disagree with but understand you don’t have to buy a full set of wheels if one wheel is damaged or has to be replaced. You can still get one “, no, you can’t”. So then we start playing the internet game. One like we’ll go look up this website, but look at this website, i’m not even talking about used wheels on ebay.

I’M talking about going. You can walk into a Ferrari. Dealership buy a wheel, 2,500 bucks from the manufacturer, but you can at least buy one. So I see the setup there that if they are pinning you for damage or something like that that they may I take you to the cleaners.

If you know what I mean, because you don’t know what you’re doing Now, let’s show you the interior. This is really where you’re going to see the most noticeable I mean from outside the car looks fine inside I mean the seat is completely in disrepair. It’S like falling apart. Let’S see, we need to focus on that, I mean so you have that and that that’s a replaceable thing I mean honestly.

We’Ve at Gotham run cars up to the 500,000 500,000 Sorry the odometer was broke and it was 500,000. We’Ve run them up to about a 100,000 early on when we started the company, but we’ve always replace seats, reupholstered them, because nobody wants to get into have something like that. This car and this sort of explains what you’re looking at this explains: why it’s so cheap because ( Warning, beeps, repeat: ) .., because .. ( Still beeping ) … Ok, you stop .. (, Still beeping ). Let’S see, let’s get rid of those error messages. ( beeping stops ) because the car has 73,000 miles on it, so clearly they just run them down until they’re no longer runnable, and then they get rid of them. So that’s that answers that I mean the standard like the buttons are all broken.

The quality inside is a little bit worse than it should be, but you’re you’re paying half of what anyone else charges. So that’s what you get it’s got. An exhaust tick in the back. The differential is no good when you take it any sort of driveway.

An angle is something like that: the rear diff make some really weird noise. It drives straight, it’s a decent value if you don’t really care about what you’re getting, but as far as anything else, i mean i’d rather spend the extra couple bucks get a newer car. That’S gon na drive better and there’s the exhaust tick. Let’S see if we shut the window and hear that ( Engine revving a noticeable ticking coming from the exhaust ), so you’ve got that these are the major things I’ve noticed.

You got that exhaust tick. When you step on the gas i’ll see, if i can just drive here for a second, when you let your foot off the gas, you got this weird like sighing sound and the transmission is not that great either or the clutch whatever it doesn’t. I’Ve been told varying stories, one of them being that this car doesn’t have a clutch and it’s a little sloppy when i say a little sloppy, it’s not very smooth between gears, but it’ll give you the idea of what it’s like to drive one of these things.

It’S never gon na driving an 80,000 mile ferrari that that’s been in a rental fleet and probably not maintained. The T will never drive like a newer one with a couple thousand miles on it. So if all you care about is curb appeal and not having the newest nicest Ferrari, that’s not a terrible investment or not terrible use of money. If you’re more concerned about what the post rental experience will be like, that’s, where i’d probably be concerned to have a guy feeding the lines and lines of BS about stuff, that I know is actually untrue. That doesn’t speak well for the guy running the company and when you were the guy at least working at the company, and obviously I’m not going to give you the company name, because i want to plug in it’s, not something I feel is worthy on the good End or the bad end, but at the end of the day, something to be aware of you get what you pay for and when you do business with somebody, especially on a smaller level, with no security deposit. And they didn’t bother running my insurance or anything like that.

You’Re really running the risk of relying that you’re going to do a decent transaction with a decent person. I didn’t really get that vibe. So that’s my experience. What you get for 700 bucks in vegas! I got a Ferrari for the day which not whatever, if you want, got some dream cars doing driving experience, Vegas, never get myself a plug. We’Re gon na allow you to the drive Ferraris Lamborghinis McLarens and we’ve got much newer.

Nicer cars is not gon na be at this cheap cutthroat rate, but that we’ve got nowhere nicer cars and you get guaranteed. Plus we have a fleet, look out four hundred cars in California, so anything you can think of that you want. We could probably get it over from the LA office If you’re looking to pay for it.