Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy

Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy

Good evening this is video 2 of the Wynn roulette almost every time, video series, if you haven’t yet I highly recommend watching video number one first, as it will explain the fundamentals, the basics behind behind it. Now I did mention that, there’s a few modifications to the strategy in which I recommend having the table all to yourself or with very few other people just because it can get relatively confusing if you don’t and we’re not quite at that level. Yet that will be in video number three like video number two – and this is this – is the part where everybody at the casino called me crazy, but the test was sitting in my driveway that the casino most thoughtfully graciously paid for says different.

So this is going to sound completely ludicrous, but we’re going to both bet both red and black, at the exact same time and we’re still going to win now, you could just start with have just one bankroll with for that for both red and black. But I really don’t recommend it treat each color and now you can also do odd or even at the same time or all four now we’re going to do video three all for black red even and odd, all at the same time. That’S when you really need to have a table to yourself, because it can get very confusing with other people sticking their hands and you might lose track of things. Someone might knock your bed off to something else. It gets just just it’s just not worth it now. I do recommend, like I said, treating black or when you do multiple treat each one as if it’s its own, your separate person suffer person playing kind of thing so give each each one you’re playing its own bankroll.

So, in this case, we have two Bank rolls right here. Each Bank rule is, I just say it’s a thousand dollar bankroll, but it’s actually nine hundred and sixty dollars per set so set one movie on red set. Two will be on black. I’M going to put all the winnings for a red over here in all the winnings for black right here and I’m all set.

Are you all set Charlie okay here yep? Oh he’s islands like the oven black. So now I lost the red, but I won the black, so she’s gon na pay me for that, like I said, keep it separate, do not mingle your funds in between your even pile or odd pile or red pile or black pile, so that is a winning For black alright, so now I lost red, so martingale system double up the red bet: okay, alright yeah well, 12 right 12 red my red has won so now she will take my black ass out. I lost on the black and, of course, they’ll be easier, just to move yep. Give me that, so now we now we 120 someone bag everything we lost on the red, which was the $ 10 plus. We also are $ 10 a head, so we just spent 20.

The original debt was 10, and now we also won 10. So we’re going to put this 10 in the wind pile I’m going to take. The $ 20 bet put that back in the in the bankroll, so I still have my original same as original $ 10 bet out there. This time we lost on black, so I’m going to double up the black, so we have $ 20 on black.

I’M all set and you’re ready: Oh 33, by 33, black yeah, okay, so red lost so she’s, taking away red and paying the $ 20 for blacks, just like we just did on the red. I had a $ 20 bet on there. That $ 20 bet want us back the 10 that we originally lost and 10 extra, so we’re going to take the 10 extra, and that is now in our wind pile and take those back with back with the original $ 10 bet there. And now, since I just lost, I read perps we’re going to put the double bet $ 20 on red, okay and look at that total. We are up between the red pile and the black pile we’re up 30 dollars already.

So if we were to walk away right now, we would be only we would be ahead $ 20. Remember I just lost son red, so we’re still $ 20 higher than what we was when we walked in okay, let’s be good yep, Oh 21, right 21, red yeah and look at that. We just want on red again. I’M sure I don’t need to break it down for you again, so we’re going to leave the original 10 on there, we’re going to replenish doubled up that back into the bankroll and we’re going to put our winnings over there.

Look at those winnings grow. 10. 20. 30, 40 $ 40. What we lost on the black so far so are actually $ 30 total ahead and double up my bat black now before we proceed, you’re, probably saying well, you’re, just winning on one losing on the other, but, like I said you treat each one as if it’s A separate person it doesn’t matter each one’s got its own bank for all. Well, if you walked in, you didn’t play black and you just played red all night, okay, so you’re winning every time the red hits but you’re, not winning every time the black hits.

Why not win every time both hit? Okay, we got all set. Let’S proceed so you’re, not really betting against yourself, okay.

10. Why drag 21 red okay, so you lost on black you’re, going to take my black she’s enjoying this way too much she likes. Taking my money so now I won on the red. I only one the ten, but I still won so I possess ten back in my windpipe now I lost on the black. Now video one explains the mechanics by now.

Normally, with the martingale system, you would double up to 40, but if you don’t win in the first two, my viewpoint is now you just want to win back everything. You lost Plaza gains you an extra bet without breaking you know, without the chance of losing an additional additional lot of money from your bankroll see video 1 from the explanation and that that’s all now I have $ 30 now, instead of a now. If I do hit on black I’m not going to win the extra 10 like I was, if I just want on the 20 or the 10, but I’ll at least win back the 30 – that I’ve already lost all set. Oh 10, black 10 black. Okay. This time I lost unread, but I won on the black.

No, no I wan na. He said black. Oh yes, our heating, no prom! It’S her her first time dealing folks, so we cut her some slack she’s, not a gambler okay, so we lost the red, but we won our black back.

So what does that mean we’re going to take our bankroll 30? Put that back we’re going to take our bedded, bankroll 20 put that back and our bankroll original, very first bit of 10. So now our black bankroll is back to be exactly the same as when we very first started, plus we still have 20 dollars in the wind pile for blank.

So I’m going to put start over ten dollars on black, but now we just lost the ten on red, so we’re going to double the red up to 20. I’M all set Oh 36 right, 36 red. So this time we lost some black, but we want on red guess: what’s next removal, let’s break it down up to 20. We just bet that one back our original 10 we lost plus another 10 – put that over there in the wind pile for 20. Back in our bankroll and start our bet back at 10, and I’m just going to keep going like this just for a few more minutes. Just to show you how that bankroll is still growing.

Even though we’re betting, red and black or as some would say, betting against ourselves just lost black, so we’re doubling black up to 20 and I’m five-eleven black lost red. But even though nope, even though we lost red, we still won on the black, we won back. What got our 20? We just bet: we’ve won back to the original ten and we have ten profit so bust, our bankroll back down to back down to black double up our red. We’Ll do this one more time, but I think you guys are getting the idea.

I’M all set when you are okay, I’m ready all that’s! Alright! Let’S roll man out come on come on lucky red 0:08 lie: Oh 8 black. I lost my red now. Okay, thank you!

So I’m not too worried because I still won my 10 on the black, but I lost my red now: let’s keep okay, let’s keep track of where we’re at now, but let’s just show you exactly what we would be walking away with. If we just decided we had enough tonight, we want to go home. So what would we be at okay?

So I’m going to take my black put it back there now mind you. We did lose twice in a row on red, so the next bet on red would be 30, but if we were to go home right now, what would we be at all right? Let’S tally up our winnings from the black pile. We have 10 20. 30 40.

So since our black pile has it’s very original is exactly the same as when we walked in. We have the same nine hundred and sixty dollars as when we get started. So that means on our black pile. We are ahead, ten, twenty thirty forty dollars, ten twenty thirty 40, so we profited $ 40 off our black pile.

Now we lost a bit now, usually you’d win back at least get busted down, so the most you lost would be 10, but we lost 30. But, let’s see, what’s in our win tile, our wind pile for red is 10 20, 30 $ 40. What we lost 30, so we’re walking away with a $ 30 loss on red.

Now, let’s subtract that from the wind pile 10, 20. 30. So this 30 goes to make back what we’ve lost. So we put that 30 back in our bankroll. Now our bankroll is back to the same as when we walked in, but we’re still 10 dollars. Profit so add that to the 40 from our black pile and we’re up 50 dollars for the night, not too shabby Hey all right, but let’s reset that back.

Go back to where we were now. If you remember, we were supposed to do a $ 30.00 bet on red and we’re still Todd black. Now we’re not going to roll we’re going to do a hypothetical now, just because it seems like this roulette wheel is working in our favor tonight tonight. Wasn’T real cash I’d have 50 more dollars in my pocket. I think we might take a trip to Ho Chunk tonight. So now, let’s just say we lost red again.

So all right, we lost red, take away my red, but we won black okay, one black there. So now we got to double up the red again. 50 $ 60 spin away blah blah. We lost red again take that away $ 10 and I won another ten on black okay.

Now I know what you’re asking all of a sudden we hit the most unlucky, color and number on the entire table. We got double zero, green or a zero red. Well, it’s the same thing. The reason why we’re using a double zero table instead of single zero table is because single zero tables are very hard to find here in the US. Although there are more prevalent like in places like Casinoslots SA, but we have zero and double zero, so we have lost red.

So now we have one ten. Twenty we have 120 doubled up 60 dollars up to 120. So you call it it’s green right. Double zero green yeah that was zero Queen!

Oh no! Now you got to take all my money now, of course, we all know how rare is euros in double zeros are. So what do we do? We just lost everything right, yeah shoot, I’m going to keep the language good. All right. We just lost 120 on red.

So what do we? Do? We just double it up again.

It’S that simple. 240. We lost 10 on black, so I guess we’ll just have to show let’s shove a 20 on black all right, so yay spins and this time it lands on red okay. Tonight, oh thank you because we only had one more roll left. We would have lost. We lost that one that would have been six losses in a row on red, very unlikely.

It is possible I’ve seen it happen, but it’s unlikely, which is why seven, if you lose in seven, then it’s time to go home. So I just won red, but I lost my black so now she has to pay me a hundred. Excuse me, 244 red being. What does that mean? That means on the red?

We just came back everything we lost. Oh, so we bet 240. So, of course we keep our 240.

Then we have our one. Two, ten twenty we’ve got a 120. Then we got our.

I have four greens, please. Okay, 240. We got our 120 and we got our 60 to all Reds. Please I mustn’t be too far ahead.

Thank you new or sixty ten, twenty thirty. We only want our better thirty back ten twenty. We won our twenty back in our original ten guess what our bankroll is now back to original. Please, for that now, if we decide okay, it’s just about type, it call it quits for the night, I’m going to retire the red pile, so here’s our winnings and we’re just going to play our black until our black is filled up. So we won now ten.

Twenty thirty forty dollars profit on our red, bankroll, Red’s retired, for the night he lost black next. That is ten twenty thirty. So I’m going to bet thirty and guess what this time I hit black. So please, okay! I have thirty, please! Oh!

No! No! We’Re not! Spinning we’re just doing the hypothetical now thirty. So now we have lost 20 bags and our loss 10 back boom boom.

Our black bankroll is back to the same thing. It was when we walked in and 10 20. 30. 40. 50. 60.

We are up $ 60 profit from our black bankroll and that to what we want on our red, bankroll: 10, 20, 30, 40, so 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and the 100. We now won $ 100 profit. And let’s see, how long is this video 21 minutes 9 seconds? So in 21 minutes we made $ 100, I would say $ 100 and 20 minutes is pretty darn good. Yes, it won’t. What would shall they like need to buy her now yeah?

Yes, my new kitchen dinette set. You know, I’m a matter now, if you’re in a good mood after winning a hundred bucks, don’t forget, keep the dealer happy, there’s a $ 20 tip for you. Okay, thank you. Oh welcome and since of course the casino wants their money back. You asked the pit boss very nicely and they just might give you the free steak dinner to keep you in the casino. I ain’t good in 2013 I’ll tell you sweetheart mmm, and that concludes step.

2 of K, man’s modified martingale system see description box for the link to part 3 and or the annotation video. So so, after the tip, I still have 90 bucks in my pocket. But since Chalet is my wife, I guess she’s just going to commandeer the rest.

So I’m still broke while she has all the money yeah good night, folks, good night,