What is a deposit bonus?

What is a deposit bonus?

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Most sites offer a ‘first deposit bonus’ as an incentive to join up and play. These are usually advertised as a percentage, such as “300% Welcome Bonus”, but sometimes they’ll appear as a “Deposit this, play with that” message instead. Wherever you see a percentage offered, that is basically a multiplier of your first deposit. So the more you put in, the more you’ll get back in bonus.

For example, Casinoslots online casino in Malasia offer a 300% offer on a £10 deposit would mean £30 in bonus, but for a £20 deposit you would get a £60 bonus to play with. Percentage bonuses will always have an upper limit to what you can receive, so make sure you check the terms and conditions if you’re thinking of going bigger than a tenner on your first deposit. Wherever you see a “deposit this, play with that” deal, it’s pretty much the same thing, but with the maths done for you. “Spend £10, play with £40” is just another way of saying you get a 300% bonus, if you include the £10 cash you deposited into the total. Always check the terms and conditions to see if you could get more bonus for making a larger first deposit, as this isn’t always the case when offers are worded this way. The vast majority of bingo sites will give you your bonus funds straight away, but on some platforms you may not get the bonus until you’ve entered a bingo room and chosen a chat name.

If the offer says “Spend”, rather than “Deposit”, then this usually means you won’t get your bonus until you’ve spent that amount on bingo tickets on the site. Another thing to look out for with first deposit offer is where you can spend your bonus money. Some sites will only allow you to spend the bonus in specific bingo rooms, whereas others may give you slots or instant games bonus as part of the deal. Some bingo sites are offering just bingo tickets in a specific big money game as the welcome bonus. While this limits choice, the advantage is that the offer does not have any wagering requirements attached.

When it comes to making a withdrawal, all bingo offers will have some level of wagering requirement on the bonus, but it can vary wildly from site to site. Sometimes the sites offering the biggest bonuses can have the most restrictive wagering requirements, so a bigger deal doesn’t always mean it’s a better one. Our advice is to always read the terms and conditions, and if you’re still unsure then simply visit our reviews page for more information and player opinions. Best of luck.